Managing Incontinence - Budget-Friendly Tips to Beat Inflation

Managing Incontinence - Budget-Friendly Tips to Beat Inflation

Prices for food, gas, and other goods have increased faster than they have in fourty years, causing inflation to dominate the news about Canada’s economy in recent months. Supply issues related to COVID-19 continue to plague the country; the ports are backlogged, truck drivers are in short supply, and much more.

These reasons impact all industries that carry goods and provide services, including our company, Healthwick. This being said, we want to help you find the highest value for your purchases by suggesting a few tips to combat inflation.

Tip #1 Budget Brands

We understand that individuals have specific needs and it is hard to move away from a product you know and love, especially specialty brands that are sure to work well for you. 

Although upper-end brands such as Northshore and Tranquility may be more suitable for your incontinence needs, you may find alternate options in low-price point brands, such as Prevail, Attends, and TENA.

The following are some suggestions for alternate product options that are wallet-friendly.

  1. Prevail Per-Fit 360 Briefs - $0.87 / Brief
  2. Attends Advanced Briefs - $1.00 / Brief
  3. Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Briefs - $1.00 / Brief
  4. TENA ProSkin Ultra Briefs - $1.17 / Brief
  5. TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs - $1.27 / Brief

Tip #2: Higher Absorbency Adult Diapers

The second tip is to purchase higher absorbency products instead of what you were initially planning to buy. A higher absorbance means the product needs to be changed less often, saving on going through too many diapers daily.

The following are some suggestions for high-absorbency product options.

  1. NorthShore MEGAMAX Adult Diapers - Capacity of 6.5 L
  2. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol - Capacity of 5.3 L
  3. BetterDry Adult Diapers - Capacity of 4.4 L
  4. Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs - Capacity of 4 L
  5. ConfiDry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs - Capacity of 3 L

Tip #3: Pads Instead of Adult Diapers

Compared to absorbent underwear and adult diapers, incontinence pads can be up to 50% less expensive, but still provide the same level of absorbency and protection. This is simply because they are less complex to manufacture and require fewer materials like elastic threads (in the case of underwear) or sticky tabs (in the case of adult diapers).

If you’re on a fixed income or even if you simply want to reduce the amount you spend on continence care items each month, pads can be a very affordable option.

At Healthwick, incontinence pads can be purchased by individual package or by the case, like most adult diapers and protective underwear. 

Here are 5 affordable best-selling incontinence pads:

  1. TENA New Day Light Pads - $0.87 / Pad
  2. Prevail Overnight Absorbency Bladder Control Pads - $0.60 / Pad
  3. Attends Shaped Day Plus Pads - $0.97 / Pad
  4. Abena Abri-San Air Plus Premium 11 - Heavy Pads- $1.44 / Pad
  5. TENA Night Super Maximum Absorbency Pads - $1.54 / Pad


Tip #4: Stock Up

In order to save on flat-fee shipping, you can place one large order every 2 months rather than monthly orders. Stocking up on the products you need will eliminate the need to order again and pay for shipping each month. 

Tip #5: Free Automatic Delivery Program

You can save 5% on all orders when you sign up for our Free Automatic Delivery Program

Automatic Delivery is a convenient way to ensure that you don't run out of products because you forgot to order in time. Simply tell us which products you need and how often you need them (i.e. once per month). From there, we'll automatically process your orders, as scheduled, and ship them hassle-free.

Membership in the Automatic Delivery Program is FREE. It’s an easy way to save 5% off your order every time. 

Call us directly at 905-337-5923 or Toll Free 1-877-775-6656 between 9am and 5pm eastern standard time, Monday to Friday, to speak with one of our friendly Customer Care team members to set up your recurring order. The phone call is fast and easy, and you'll start saving immediately!

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May 12, 2023
Debra Harmer

This looks like the system I need to order the pads I need. The pads I use currently are put cashed at Walmart. These are terrible quality and t go through 5 daily, so I am looking for value for both product and price.

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