ODSP Direct Billing

Yes, Healthwick offers ODSP direct pay for ODSP Beneficiaries!

Through Healthwick’s ODSP Direct Pay program, eligible Beneficiaries have ODSP Direct Billing with Healthwickaccess to Canada’s largest selection of incontinence products, as well as catheter, ostomy, and skincare items. All items are shipped via Canada Post and generally arrive at the Beneficiary’s home in one to two business days, with next day delivery in some areas of Ontario.

Eligible Beneficiaries are enrolled to automatically receive a monthly supply of the products they’ve selected, with billing being submitted on their behalf to their ODSP Caseworker, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses. Enrollment in the program is free for both the Caseworker and the Beneficiary, while the MCSS pays only for products.

Will my incontinence supplies be covered through the ODSP?

If you are currently a recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program and your doctor or nurse has determined that you require supplies to manage your incontinence, then you may be eligible to have your incontinence products paid for by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

The Ontario Disability Support Program is managed and delivered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services


Caseworkers - How to Register

If you have a client who is already approved for the Mandatory Special Necessities benefit, simply fax your approval for incontinence supplies, including your contact details for billing and contact details for the client, to our toll free fax number at 1-866-253-9839.

We will contact the client within 1 business day to confirm their monthly order and shipping details. The clients invoice will be submitted to you by fax monthly for payment.

Click here to download our Healthwick Flyer for Caseworkers.

Clients - How to Register


1) Complete the Mandatory Special Necessities Form (if you haven't already)

Contact your local ODSP office and request a form for the Mandatory Special Necessities benefit program. Take this form to your local healthcare professional's office and ask them to fill it in on your behalf. Once the Mandatory Special Necessities form as been filled in, return it to your caseworker.

2) Request a Monthly Supply quote from Healthwick

To have us help you put together a quote for what products you'll need monthly, give us a call toll free at 1-877-775-6656 and we'd be happy to help. There is no charge. You will be asked to provide your caseworkers contact details including name and fax or phone number.

Once completed, we'll fax this quote to your caseworker on your behalf.

3) Confirm and Ship

Your caseworker must approve your quote in order for you to receive monthly supplies. Your caseworker will fax approval to our toll free line at 1 866 253-9839.

Sometimes it can take several days for your caseworker to communicate approval, so we suggest calling your caseworker 2 to 3 days later to follow up and ensure they've received the fax and are in the process of approving it.

Once received, we will give you one quick call to confirm your address and shipping schedule. Then sit back and relax - your incontinence supplies will arrive monthly with no further work, for the duration of your approval period with ODSP or until your eligibility changes.

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