Help For Caregivers

If you're a caregiver for someone experiencing incontinence, you're not alone! Help for Caregivers HealthwickMore than 1/3 of the millions of Canadians who are incontinent are cared for by a professional caregiver, a volunteer caregiver, or a family member.

Helping your patient or loved one manage incontinence can be challenging, as you may struggle to find the right products that suit their individual needs.

Healthwick offers a dignified alternative to in-store shopping for patients and loved ones.

In addition, Healthwick's online or by phone ordering allows us to ship to the home of the person who needs the products, while billing to an alternate address - allowing you to help your patient or loved one even when you can't be there.

Which Products Are Best?

Before ordering, have a frank conversation with your patient or loved one to learn what kind of incontinence they're experiencing (urinary, fecal or both), what level of absorbency they need (light to heavy), and what their hip size is. Although these questions can be embarrassing, they're important to ensure that the right products are selected.

For patients and loved ones who lead active or independent lifestyles, underwear style products or pads with reusable undergarments are generally preferred, as they're similar to regular underwear and provide discreet incontinence management.

For those who are not mobile and may be in full or part-time care OR which experience only nightly incontinence, adult diapers or underpads are often preferred.