Compression socks are a type of hosiery that’s used to promote proper blood flow in the leg. They work to prevent the feeling of fatigue, heaviness and aching caused by poor blood circulation by applying strong compression at the ankle and gradually decreasing pressure up the leg. This helps reduce swelling, while enhancing circulation, serving to prevent the risk of developing varicose veins as well as other chronic venous problems. 

Compression therapy provided through socks is great at preventing blood clots and keeping the calf muscle healthy and strong. Highly recommended for those who spend long periods on their feet, such as nurses, retail and hospitality staff, and construction workers.

New to compression socks? Check out our Guide to Compression Socks to learn about compression levels, how to measure for compression socks, and most frequently asked questions.

Please note: Compression socks usually ship within one week.

Compression Socks

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