Free Automatic Delivery Program

Subscribe & Save with Our Automatic Delivery Program!

Automatic Delivery takes the stress out of remembering to place your order, and you'll save 5% on every order.* Subscribe & Save

Simply decide which products you need and how often you need them (i.e. once per month). From there, we'll automatically process your orders, as per your desired schedule and ship them hassle-free.

Subscriptions will be renewed automatically, unless you choose otherwise. 

You may change items, sizes and delivery schedules as needed. You can pause your subscription at any time, and cancel without any penalties after the third purchase!

Benefits of Automatic Delivery:

  • Save Money & Time - Get 5% off every automatic delivery order. We do the work of placing your order for you. No more trying to remember your password, or digging your credit card out of your wallet.

  • Enjoy Flexibility - You can modify, pause, postpone your subscriptions anytime after your third order. No need to worry about your subscription expiring, as they will be renewed automatically. Please note that any changes to your future orders must be implemented a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled shipping date.

  • Completely FREE - There is no cost to the Automatic Delivery Program! It's complimentary for all customers.

  • Easy Cancellation - Cancel your Automatic Delivery enrollment any time after the first 3 subscription orders for any reason, with no penalties and no hassle. If you need to cancel a subscription before those initial orders have been placed, please reach out to one of our helpful customer care team members at 1-877-775-6656(Note - if you wish to cancel your subscription before you have placed 3 automatic orders, you will be charged the full price for items as well as a $10 cancellation fee.)

  • Helpful Reminders - To ensure a smooth, stress-free shipment process, you will receive a reminder in advance of your order being placed. Your order confirmation emails also contain a link, allowing you to manage your subscription directly and make any necessary changes.

  • You're in Control - Be in total control of your own account. You will have access to change payment methods, addresses, contact information, etc. All of your purchase receipts can be located in your online account. No need to save paper receipts throughout the year, to submit at tax time.

  • Easy to Sign-up - Join with ease. Add items to your cart under the "Automatic order subscription" option and be in complete control of how much you purchase, as well as how often you purchase it.

How the Automatic Delivery Program Works

We will automatically process your order on the schedule you've specified and you will be notified by email when your orders are confirmed and shipped.

Note that if your regular order day falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be processed by our warehouse team the following business day for a timely delivery.

If you would like to learn how to make any changes on your orders, please see the "how to" link :

How to Enroll for Automatic Delivery

  1. Register online to create your own customer profile at
    1. Find which item(s) on our website, you would like to receive on a recurring basis.

    2. Choose "Automatic order subscription" when adding that item to your cart.

    3. Select how many weeks or months you would like between the delivery of that item. Note that you can place different items on different schedules. For example, you can check out with a subscription to receive a package of briefs every 2 weeks, as well as a tube of barrier cream every month.

    After checking out, you will be sent an email stating that "your subscription was accepted". From that email, you will have a magic link to view your subscription details and make any necessary edits in the future. We suggest that you save this email to make any future adjustments quick and simple