Best Budget-Friendly Adult Diapers of 2022
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Best Budget-Friendly Adult Diapers of 2022

In 2022 we have already seen a lot of changes. One of the biggest changes being the steady increase of prices around the globe. Costs and prices across every industry seem to be continuing to rise, and unfortunately our Healthwick suppliers are no exception. 

Recently we have announced price increases for a few of our top brands. We realize that times are challenging for many people, and that has had a major impact for many of our customers.

To help, we've put together a list of adult diapers that are both great quality and budget-friendly. We've determined what the cost per brief is, and have included all the relevant information for you in this article.

Please keep in mind that sometimes different sizes often have different prices. So to help keep things more consistent, the amount per adult diaper is based on a size medium for each product on this list.

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Briefs - $0.87 / Brief

Prevail Per-Fit Adult Diapers are designed to offer protection for heavy urinary incontinence. Suitable for day or night use, these briefs from Prevail feature a soft, cloth-like backing that helps to promote breathability and batter skin health.

Attends Advanced Briefs - $1.00 / Brief

These briefs from attends feature a supersorb dryness layer, making these a good option for overnight or bowel incontinence. The Odour Shield and Triple Leakage Protection makes this a reliable and affordable adult diaper.  

Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Briefs - $1.00 / Brief

Prevail Nu-Fit Adult Diapers are a highly absorbent incontinence product. They are great for everyday use thanks to the breathable side panels. A cloth-like backing makes this product comfortable to wear all day.

TENA ProSkin Ultra Briefs - $1.02 / Brief

These briefs from TENA are fully breathable and designed for moderate to heavy incontinence. These adult diapers feature refastenable tape tabs for a better fit. Like all TENA products, these briefs are latex-free, hypoallergenic and scent-free.

TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra Briefs - $1.08 / Brief

TENA ProSkin Stretch Ultra absorbency provides moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel protection with 100% breathability. These adult diapers feature a combination of stretch sides with full-length hook fasteners to offer secure, stay-in-place fit.

FitRight Stretch Ultra Briefs - $1.20 / Brief 

FitRight Stretch Ultra Adult Diapers are designed with flexible stretch panels or a comfortable fit and ease of use. Providing protection for moderate to heavy absorbency, this brief also features soft, antileak guards for excellent containment. 

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Apr 11, 2022

I have a client base of 95% that use pull ons instead of actual diapers. If you could do this with pull ons that would be fantastic!

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