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Top 10 Adult Diapers of 2021

And just like that, we're in 2022!

Now, we realize that not all of you are as nerdy as the Healthwick team when it comes to adult diapers. But this is the kind of list we live for each year, and we're so pleased to share it now with you.

We can honestly say we were astounded by the movement in bestsellers in the past year. Our huge customer base has spoken, and they've made some resounding approvals of new products that have come on the market.

Tried-and-true favourites are also well represented in our list 2021's Best Adult Diapers.

We think, if you're looking for your next free adult diaper sample, this is a great place to start.


#1 - NorthShore MEGAMAX Adult Diapers

NorthShore MEGAMAX - Healthwick Canada

In first place for 2021 is NorthShore MEGAMAX - a newcomer! This adult diaper from NorthShore Care launched with Healthwick in December 2020, and has quickly become a fan-favourite.

Known for an incredible absorbency, NorthShore MEGAMAX is a great option for those needing maximum incontinence protection.

They're also available in some unique patterns for those who want to add a bit of whimsy to the often grudging task of incontinence management.


#2 - Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs

Tranquility ATN - Healthwick Canada

Holding strong in second place for two years in a row are Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs. Our customers love this product and it's been a staple for caregivers for many years.

These adult diapers are popular among Healthwick customers for good reason - they keep you dry all night long! Tranquility ATN's come in a wide variety of sizes (including youth!) and offer plastic-backed protection.



#3 - Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Premium Briefs

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus briefs - Healthwick Canada

Last year's first place winner, the Abena Abri-From Air Plus Premium Briefs are rounding out our top 3 for 2021.

These brief's offer all-in-one protection for moderate to heavy incontinence. Made from a soft and breathable material, these are a top choice for many who prefer a cloth-like exterior that is quiet and soothing for bed-bound users.



#4 - Confidry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs

Confidry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Moving up from 5th to 4th place this year are Confidry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs.

In 2020, this was our best selling plastic-backed adult diaper as it is a favourable choice for those who are looking for a maximum absorbency, plastic-backed product. 

We know these aren't easy to find in Canada, but they continue to be a customer favourite and we continue to make sure they're available for our loyal customers.


#5 - Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs

Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Another newcomer to our top 10 list is are Prevail Air Overnight Stretchable Briefs. Our friendly and professional staff often recommend these simply because the stretchability makes them so easy for caregivers to manage, and ensure a snug fit.

These adult diapers combine maximum absorbency with 100% breathability. This brief works to promote better skin health by locking wetness away from your skin. 



#6 - TENA Super Briefs

TENA Proskin Super Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Dropping from 3rd to 6th place this year are TENA Super Briefs.

Now called the TENA Proskin Super Briefs in their new upgraded version from 2021, these adult diapers are intended for maximum incontinence and overnight or extended wear.

TENA is a familiar and trusted brand for caregivers who are helping parents or grandparents in Long Term Care and Retirement homes.

All TENA products are Latex-free, hypoallergenic and scent-free, making them a suitable option for those with sensitive skin. Best of all, many TENA products are produced right here in Canada!


#7 - Tranquility Slimline Briefs

Tranquility SlimLine Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Up from 10th to 7th place in 2021 are the Tranquility SlimLine Briefs.

These briefs are a great choice for those looking for excellent absorbency, but with a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. 

They're also one of the few brands that run a full size range, making them an excellent choice for children who have outgrown baby/child diapers and are transitioning to adult sizes.


#8 - TENA Slip Maxi Small Briefs

TENA Slip Maxi Small Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Another new addition to our top 10 list in 2021 - the TENA Slip Maxi Small Briefs!

The smaller sizing of this product makes this brief a popular choice for children, youth and those with a smaller frame, but have an absorbency equal to an adult bladder.

This adult diaper features new textile-like sides and back sheet that feel gentle and more comfortable against the skin.


#9 - Inspire+ Incontrol Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

Inspire Incontrol+ Adult Diapers - Healthwick Canada

In another interesting turn of events, Inspire+ Incontrol Super Absorbency Adult Diapers are in 9th place this year, down from 6th in 2020.

We're glad to have a Canadian brand appear on our top 10 list of best sellers. This adult diaper, while not the most discreet option, offers one of the highest absorbency ratings in the industry. 



#10 - Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs

Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs - Healthwick Canada

Rounding out our top 10 for 2021 are Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs, moving from 9th to 10th place in 2021.

These briefs from Abena are another tried-and-true product. Offering similar protection to the Abena Air Plus Briefs, Abena Abri-Form White Foil Briefs offer a thicker plastic outer shell rather than cloth-like exterior.

This product is an import from Europe but we continue to carry it because so many of our customers swear by the high absorbency and solid leg gathers.


Honourable Mention - Top 3 Absorbent Underwear 

#1 - Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

As always, the Tranqulity Overnight Underwear continues to impress, with its wide size range and extremely high quality.

#2 - Abena Abri-Flex Premium Underwear

Another "wide-range" product, and one that is flexible for day or night-time use, Abena performs admirably as an all-round good choice for those looking for high absorbency.

#3 - NorthShore GoSupreme Underwear

Customer reviews on this product continue to be very good, and with the new, opaque and discreet black just recently added to our site, we have every expectation that this will rise in popularity in 2022.


Jan 07, 2022

I don’t see Depends. I use it and find it the best for me.

Jan 07, 2022
Andrew McKinnon

I am surprised BetterDry is not on the list and really shocked Tranquility is on the list…twice.

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