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Best Plus-Size Products

It is common for people around the world to struggle with incontinence, and individual circumstances often determine how best to deal with the issue.

Incontinence affecting plus-size individuals is often called "bariatric incontinence." People who manage bariatric incontinence face unique challenges when it comes to choosing the right product.

What exactly is Bariatric Incontinence?

The term bariatric refers to a branch of medicine that studies obesity. Obesity-related medical professionals are concerned with determining the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity.

Obese people with incontinence are said to have bariatric incontinence. Obesity can cause incontinence in many cases because the extra weight puts extra pressure on the bladder. This weakens the muscles surrounding the bladder, allowing urine to leak out.

Choosing a Bariatric Incontinence Product

Choosing the right incontinence product is important. With a variety of bariatric products available, you have plenty of options to choose from. If you're not sure what product is right for you, we recommend you take advantage of our free sample program to try out a variety of different products.

Below are a few of our bestselling bariatric incontinence products (in no particular order). Always remember that if you have any questions or need some help, our team is always available to assist you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us Toll Free at 1-877-775-6656 or email


Prevail Bariatric Briefs

We are pleased to announce the introduction of one of the largest adult briefs in the industry, the new Prevail® Bariatric Adult Brief! With the same performance that you've come to expect from Prevail®, the new Prevail® Bariatric Adult Brief will comfortably stretch and fits bariatric-sized wearers up to 94 inches.

Tranquility Hi-Rise Bariatric Briefs

This disposable brief with an extended rise and stretchy side panels comfortably fits waist/hip sizes 64” to 96”.The fuller and higher coverage in the front and the rear of the product assures a better fit. The soft, cloth-like outer layer is gentle against sensitive skin. Wide, micro-hook closure tabs have finger lift tips, that grip the brief securely while still allowing for multiple openings. 

TENA ProSkin™ Stretch Super Bariatric Incontinence Brief

Designed for moderate to heavy bladder or bowel incontinence. Now featuring hook tabs for unlimited refastening to ensure a secure, comfortable fit around the body. Can be continually readjusted without tearing the product. TENA Bariatric Briefs also feature the InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology for outstanding dryness and dual core technology that rapidly absorbs urine and retains it away from the body. Soft nonwoven backsheet for wearer comfort.

Attends Bariatric Overnight Underwear

These new bariatric underwear from Attends offer premium overnight protection. Available in size XXXL, these underwear feature a Super Absorbent Core and ConfidenceCuff Protection to prevent leaks around the legs. With premium softness and a breathable waistband, these bariatric briefs are comfortable and help to control odours.

TENA Bariatric Underpads

TENA Bariatric Underpads for bed or chair protection are designed to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odours and maintain dryness. They consist of a polyethylene layer combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection. The highly absorbent material is distributed evenly throughout the core.

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