Top 3 Thickest Adult Diapers

Top 3 Thickest Adult Diapers

When heavy volume control is a concern, many of our customers turn to the thickest adult diapers to help. While not discreet under regular clothing, our loftiest incontinence products are great for overnight protection or high urine output for those on diuretics.

These top 3 bestsellers get great reviews for:

  • having a waterproof plastic-backing,
  • containing a large amount of super absorbent polymer, and
  • having a substantial weight and design that's comfortable to wear.

A gentle reminder that regardless of volume, as with all incontinence products, these should be changed regularly when soiled for best skin health.

1) Rearz Inspire+ InControl

With a whopping absorbency range of 4800 to 5300 mL, the Inspire+ InControl briefs are designed for maximum nighttime performance. These thick, plush adult diapers have a plain, smooth plastic outer shell, stretchy elastic waistbands at the front and back, and high standing leg guards to contain leaks.

Available in sizes Small to X-Large, 12 per package

2) ConfiDry 24/7

Designed for heavy incontinence & maximum protection, ConfiDry 24/7's 3-D Core Absorbency System enables a capacity of up to 2-3 liters. This unique system makes this brief suitable for continuous and undisturbed full nights rest. The dependable leak control system, keeps skin, clothing and bedding dry for 12 hours or more.

Available in sizes Small to Large, 18 per package

3) Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort

Abena adult diapers are one of Canada's bestselling specialty briefs, with outstanding absorbency up to 4L. They feature standing leak guards and 4 re-fastenable tapes. They are plastic-backed for odour control. These products are ideal for individuals with heavy to maximum incontinence, as they have one of the highest absorbencies on the market. Abena diapers allow for extended day time use and overnight protection without the fear of leakage.

Available in sizes Medium and Large, 12 to 14 per package

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  • Sharron
Comments 3
  • a

    Actually, technically the most absorbent on the market are Trest, rated at 9500mL. But yeah, next ones down would be Tykables.

  • Jay

    Nice try, but Tykables Camelots have a 7000mL absorbency lol

  • troy g bratcher jr
    troy g bratcher jr

    your forgeting the north shore care megamax Diaper’s they are very thick and is good for side sleeper’s how i know i have reflex incontinence no control over my Bladder .

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