Adult Diapers: Our Most Budget-Friendly Picks of 2023
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Adult Diapers: Our Most Budget-Friendly Picks of 2023

When it comes to incontinence management, comfort and reliability should never be compromised. However, we understand that staying within a budget is equally important.

That's why we've put together a list of the most budget-friendly adult diapers available at Healthwick in 2023. These products offer exceptional value without sacrificing quality. 

Let's dive into our top picks:

Prevail Per-Fit 360 Briefs - $0.91 / Brief

For another year in a row, Prevail Per-Fit 360 briefs remain the top choice for budget-friendly adult diapers. These briefs feature a cloth-like fabric that promotes good skin health through breathability. Designed for maximum absorbency, these adult diapers are our preferred choice for quality and affordability.

Prevail Air Plus Briefs
- $0.95 / Brief

New to our list this year, Prevail Air Briefs combine ultimate absorbency with 100% breathability, making them an ideal choice for men and women with heavy or maximum levels of incontinence. 

Attends Advanced Briefs
- $1.00 / Brief

Attends Advance Briefs makes another appearance on our list of best budget-friendly adult diapers. These Advanced Briefs are a suitable choice for overnight protection, as well as heavy, maximum or bowel incontinence. Attends offers all the benefits of top national brands at an affordable price, which helps solidify its spot in our list for another year. 

TENA Classic Plus Briefs
- $1.08 / Brief

Another new addition to our list this year, the TENA Classic Plus Briefs are another budget-friendly product from one of our most popular brands. Featuring re-fastenable tabs for a secure fit, InstaDri technology, and a soft backsheet, these adult diapers are a great choice for those with moderate to heavy bladder incontinence and mild bowel incontinence. 

Attends Stretch Briefs
- $1.08 / Brief

Last but not least, the Attends Stretch Briefs are designed with soft, breathable fabric with an acquisition layer that quickly wicks moisture away from skin. They also feature leg cuffs for additional protection and stretchy side-tabs for added comfort and secure fit. 

* Remember that prices may vary based on size and quantity, so be sure to check our website for the most up-to-date pricing information. The product prices in our list are based on size medium.


Feb 01, 2024
Dustin birley

Briefs are diapers. I wear briefs/diapers over pull-ups since they offer more protection at work

Oct 06, 2023

Are briefs pull ons or a traditional diaper ⁉️

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