Guide to Dignity Suits

Information courtesy of our sister business, Geri Fashions.

What Are Dignity Suits?

Dignity Suits, also known as Anti-Strip Suits, are a garment primarily used with individuals who have Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The purpose of a dignity suit is to prevent inappropriate undressing, protecting both the caregiver and the person they are caring for.

These jumpsuits are designed to look like regular clothing. The attached top and bottoms of daytime Dignity Suits resemble a non-adaptive outfit. Nighttime Dignity Suits look and feel like a one-piece pajama set, providing comfort to the wearer. 

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How Are Dignity Suits Done Up? 

Dignity suits are done up using snaps and zippers at both the neckline and crotch. This design makes it difficult for the person wearing the garment to take it off without assistance. Daytime and nighttime dignity suits are done up a little differently.


Nighttime Dignity Suits

Nighttime dignity suits are fastened with snaps and a zipper at the neckline and ankles. These nighttime suits have snaps at the neck and a zipper that extends to the crotch. 

Nighttime Dignity Suit

There is a secondary zipper that goes from one ankle to the other. This zipper allows the suit to entirely open between the legs and at the crotch area. 

There are snaps at the ankles that are combined with elastics that are placed around the foot. This ensures that the wearer cannot unzip the zipper around the legs and ankles, as well as helping to stop the legs from riding up.


Nighttime Dignity Suit


Daytime Dignity Suits

Daytime dignity suits are done up using a zipper and snaps at the neckline. The zipper extends from the neck down one leg, stopping at approximately the mid-thigh. 

Daytime Dignity Suit

Unlike nighttime dignity suits, daytime dignity suits do not have a zipper around the crotch area or fasteners at the feet or ankle.


What Size Do I Need?

Sizing is very important when choosing a dignity suit. Selecting the correct size will ensure both comfort and functionality for the wearer and their caregiver.

To select the right size, you’ll need the individual’s height, chest/bust measurement and their waist size. Once you have these measurements, you can use our Dignity Suit Sizing Guide to help select the best size.

 Dignity Suit Sizing Chart  

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