What is Liquid Protein?

What is Liquid Protein?

Our bodies need protein to function properly, strengthen our muscles, support our joints, and provide nutrients. We cannot function properly without protein. This is why protein consumption, no matter its form, is crucial for our bodies to avoid being fragile, weak, sore, constantly fatigued, or prone to a compromised immune system.

Taking only solid foods as a source of protein is fairly easy in the average diet. However, there are certain situations in which liquid protein is more beneficial, and is a preferred method of delivering protein that does not compromise nutrients and minerals, as solid protein does. 

As the name implies, liquid protein is protein that is consumed as a drink, rather than chewed and eaten. In addition to yogurt and milk, liquid protein can also be found in nutritional shakes and supplements. A liquid protein can provide the same amount of protein as a solid protein, depending on the type of protein you consume. When choosing liquid protein for your diet, it's important to consider other factors such as fat, carbohydrate, and any other essential minerals.

What is the best time to take liquid protein? 

Liquid protein can be consumed or supplemented as you desire (or as discussed with your healthcare professional), but there are certain situations in which it is the best option. It is likely that your body will not be able to tolerate a large quantity of solid food that would provide all necessary nutrients when you are undergoing surgery or recovering from surgery. Choosing a liquid protein source containing all essential and non-essential amino acids can keep you strong, repair your tissue, and supply your organs with the protein they need to heal. 

Liquid protein sources can also be beneficial to endurance athletes, individuals who have trouble swallowing, individuals who do not consume adequate protein, or individuals who need to improve their nutrition.

Healthwick carries LiquaCel Liquid Protein, a great tasting hydrolyzed collagen liquid protein containing 16g of protein and 2.5g of arginine in a 1 oz serving.  LiquaCel is available in 32 oz bottles and convenient 1 oz on-the-go packets in 4 delicious flavours as well as an unflavoured option.  LiquaCel can be consumed straight, or mixed with as little as 1-2 oz. of water.  Unflavoured LiquaCel can even be added to coffee and tea, or any other favourite beverage. 

The major benefit of LiquaCel is it’s the perfect alternative to large volume supplements that are difficult to consume. LiquaCel is also Bariatric and dialysis friendly!


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