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Top 10 Best Adult Diapers of 2020

Top 10 of 2020

In 2021, Healthwick will be celebrating its 10th year of offering Canada’s largest selection of adult diapers and incontinence products. For a decade, we’ve been committed to offering not only the basic adult incontinence products available in retail stores, but a wide catalogue of specialty and niche brands not found anywhere else.

Our annual installment of the top 10 adult diapers of 2020, as chosen by our customers, is a testament to the variety of brands Healthwick carries, from the Abena brand of Denmark, to the Canadian brand Rearz, to BetterDry brand from Germany.

In our list of Best Adult Diapers of 2020, there’s an interesting mix of long-time favourites as well as surprise newcomers that caught on with our Healthwick customers last year. Read on…

#1 - Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Premium Briefs

Abena Abri-Form

Moving from 4th place to 1st place this year, is the Abri-Form Air Plus Premium Brief. These cloth-backed adult diapers are maximum absorbency, offering premium fit and features. While they have a higher than average price point, their wide range of sizes and superior absorbency have made them favourites for many years now.



#2 - Tranquility All-Through-the-Night Briefs


Last year’s bestselling adult diapers, the Tranquility All Through The Night Briefs are popular for exactly that reason – they last all through the night! Tranquility ATNs are plastic-backed, providing a feeling of security against leaks. This product is especially popular with parents of children with special needs as it comes in a wide size range starting at XS, giving parents an easy transition from children’s diapers to youth sizing, all at an affordable price point.


#3 - TENA Super Briefs

TENA Super

For the budget-conscious, TENA Super Briefs are a tried-and-true bestseller, especially amongst caregivers. Not widely available in stores, Super Briefs offer a higher level of absorbency than TENA products found at pharmacies, but with the same generous fit and sizing.



#4 - TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs

TENA Stretch Ultra

TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs are a newcomer to the Healthwick Best Adult Diapers list and all we can say is “It’s about time!” Those who haven’t previously tried stretch briefs are learning that the highly-flexible waistband provide a snug fit, especially for those who are mobile or who are restless sleepers.


#5 - ConfiDry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs


Our #1 bestselling plastic-backed diaper of 2020 was the ConfiDry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Brief. Being the only product this company produces, it’s difficult to find in Canada and generates a loyal customer base who appreciate the high absorbency.



#6 - Rearz Inspire+ InControl Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

Rearz Inspire

We’re happy to see the Canadian-owned Rearz brand appear on this list, remaining in 6th place. Although well-known for their whimsical printed adult diapers, the Inspire+’s simple white outer shell is seems to be preferred for institutional use. Although bulky and not suitable for discreet wearing, the absorbency rating for these plastic-backed briefs is one of the highest in the industry.


#7 - BetterDry Adult Diapers


Another import brand from overseas, BetterDry Adult Diapers are a specialty brand that has found a loyal following with Healthwick customers and is new to this list from last year. Like most of the plastic-backed diapers, BetterDrys are thicker than retail brand and provide a very high level of absorbency, suitable for overnight or extended us.


#8 - Prevail Breezers 360° Ultimate Absorbency Briefs 

Prevail Breezers

Dropping from #5 last year, the Prevail Breezers 360 Ultimate Absorbency Briefs are a frequent recommendation by the Healthwick staff, as they feature a breathable waistband that is more comfortable in warm weather, as well as a less bulky fit, all at a highly economical price point.



#9 - Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs

Abena White Foil Briefs

Another tried-and-true adult diaper, the Abena Abri-Form White Foil Comfort Briefs are similar to the bestselling Air Plus Briefs from Abena but offer a thick plastic outer shell instead of a cloth-like one.




#10 - Tranquility SlimLine Briefs

SlimLine Briefs

Rounding out the Healthwick list of Best Adult Diapers is the Tranquility Slimline Briefs, offering all the same premium features and almost equal absorbency as the Tranquility All Through The Night Briefs, but with a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette. This brief is especially popular for children and youth, as they come in a Junior and Youth size and are not so bulky as to be uncomfortable under regular clothing.


Honourable Mention: Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

Premium Overnight Underwear

Although this list is meant to encompass the best “adult brief” incontinence products of 2020, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear, which placed highest for non-diaper products. This premium, cloth-like underwear offers superior absorbency similar to the Tranquility ATN and SlimLine diapers featured on the list, but in a convenient pull-up style for sizes XS to XXL.


A reminder that almost all of these best-selling adult diapers are available as samples as part of Healthwick Free Sample Program, so if you’re unsatisfied with your current brief, we suggest you use this to try something new.


Jan 05, 2022

The better dry diapers i think are the best. They fit very well.

Jan 13, 2021
Don Logan

feel very confident out in public

Jan 08, 2021
Sadru Bhimji

Night time is a real problem when sleeping on side

Jan 08, 2021
Sadru Bhimji

Night time has been a problem. Tried different brands. It still leaks from sides.

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