NorthShore Adult Diapers Now Available at Healthwick Canada
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NorthShore Adult Diapers Now Available at Healthwick Canada


Canada’s Largest Selection of Incontinence Products Expands with Top US Brand

Direct-to-home retailer Healthwick Canada has added another high-quality, high-demand national brand to their industry-leading offering of adult incontinence products. The addition of NorthShore brand adult diapers, underpads, booster pads and underwear means NorthShore’s devoted customer base can now buy these products domestically in Canada without cross-border duties and taxes.

NorthShore Care Supply was founded in 2002 by Adam Greenberg, with the mission to provide high-absorbency products many people need to live life confidently while managing loss of control.

“We approached Healthwick to carry NorthShore products because they’re the leader in Canada for the best selection of adult and youth incontinence products, “says Greenberg from the company’s headquarters in Illinois, “There was a clear fit for us with Healthwick’s values of providing expert product advice and the highest quality products to support their customers.”

Since 2011, Healthwick has offered the largest catalogue of adult and youth incontinence products, including many specialty brands not found in stores.

“Families who are managing incontinence often think they’re limited to the handful of products found at their local grocery store, “says Sean Neville, CEO of Healthwick, “The truth is that care providers know there are much higher absorbency, better value products available with non-retail brands, and NorthShore is a premium brand that we know our customers will love.”

NorthShore MegaMax

Healthwick will be carrying some of NorthShore’s most popular products including the MEGAMAX Adult Diapers in Canada, which offers a massive capacity allowing for up to 12 hours of continuous wear and comes in innovative colours including pink and a “denim-like” blue. Other products include the highly rated GoSupreme Underwear, Supreme Quilted Wipes and NorthShore Booster Pads.

Select NorthShore products will be available as samples as part of Healthwick Free Sample Program, allowing the shopper to try up to 5 different free samples. The program includes free shipping on the customer’s subsequent order, when they have found the product that fits their unique needs. 

All Healthwick orders come with fast, 100% discreet direct-to-home shipping across Canada, and customers are supported by a team of friendly and helpful product experts available toll free at 1-877-775-6656.

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Mar 04, 2022

I have bought these from north shore and got many samples, all 12 hour diapers ,with plastic pants . But after they are full , in an hour or two , they leak ! Up the back , or out the leg holes .
I called they would send me more samples , but , no change at all . But after 3-4 hours of getting into one , it is totally destroyed , messy ,and wet ,out the leg holes , up the back of both garments, what’s up ?

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