Managing Incontinence In Public
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National Incontinence Awareness Month

Managing Incontinence In Public

Managing continence issues can be stressful, especially when you’re on the go (no pun intended).

While you’re out and about, how can you make sure that you remain comfortable and secure against leaks and odours? We have some tips  - many from our own customers! – that can help.

Know Your Washroom Options

While many businesses are re-opening, their washrooms may not be. Restaurants, for example, are opening their patios in some areas but are not opening dining rooms, meaning that bathrooms may still be inaccessible.

A simple phone call to a business you’re planning to visit to ask if bathrooms will be accessible can be a weight lifted from your mind.

If bathrooms aren’t an option at the places you’re visiting, consider making multiple short trips from home (with bathroom breaks between each) instead of one longer trip to multiple businesses.

Bring Supplies

If you know there’s a chance you may need to change a soiled underwear/brief/pad while out, it makes sense to be prepared.

Bringing a change of product is necessary, but also consider cleanup products. These may include a small package of disposable perineal wipes (or even simply a few in a sealed sandwich bag instead of the whole package) or a wipe on/wipe off perineal cleanser that can be applied with regular toilet paper.

For ladies, a purse is the most common accessory to hold a small selection of supplies, and our male customers have reported they often carry messenger bags, waist pouches or backpacks for the same reason.

A helpful tip from our customers - also consider bringing a recycled grocery bag or small kitchen garbage bag so you can dispose of your product and wipes discreetly in the washroom waste bin.

Dress Accordingly

It may sound obvious, but our customers have also pointed out that times that they’ve forgotten to choose clothing appropriate for changing in a small bathroom stall.

The most expedient solution, of course, is simply a skirt but that’s obviously not an option for everyone. For that reason, many people opt to go with either absorbent pads (with their regular underwear or comfort pants) OR tabbed briefs (commonly called adult diapers), so that they don’t have to disrobe from the waist down in a public washroom to put on a clean product.

A helpful tip for those who don’t like the bulk and/or change to the fit of their pants with adult diapers – try wearing your regular underwear over top! This helps to mold the absorbent tabbed brief to your body, creating a slimmer profile and reducing any fear of a “rustling” sound.

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy as you slowly return to normal shopping and get out and about this summer!


Nov 17, 2022

Thanks for your helpful hints…I appreciate any help I can get!

Nov 16, 2022
Phil Atkinson

I’ve found from experience that bringing with me a backup pair of lightweight pants (shorts in the summer) has been a huge relief on a few occasions. Just knowing that they are there is a mental comfort and relief.
I am using a back pack that houses everything I might need on the occasion of an accident…

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