How to Talk to Your Parent About Incontinence
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National Incontinence Awareness Month

How to Talk to Your Parent About Incontinence

Here at Healthwick, we’re bracing to be busy the week after Easter. What’s the correlation between Easter and increased demand for continence products? (Hint: It’s not the Easter eggs!).

It’s because many Canadians will be visiting their parents or grandparents for the first time since Christmas, and they’ll suddenly notice that their parent is struggling with incontinence.

It could be a recent development or something that’s been happening quietly for many months or years, but whatever the timeline, if it’s reached a point where it’s impacting your parents’ health or their lifestyle, it could be time to talk to them and try to help.

We've put together an easy guide to help you with a difficult conversation including

  • 8 simple signs your parent might be experiencing incontinence
  • 3 stress-free conversation starters that set the right tone
  • 9 common objections and exactly what to say to overcome them

Click here to download the FREE Healthwick Guide to Talking to Your Parents About Incontinence (PDF)

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