Healthwick's Bestselling Incontinence Products of 2015
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Healthwick's Bestselling Incontinence Products of 2015

When you have Canada’s largest selection of adult incontinence products, it’s no surprise that people look to you for trends in the bestselling products. Once again, we’re happy to reveal our list of the best adult diapers and absorbent underwear, based on units sold with Healthwick.

For the first time in the history of our Bestsellers list, one brand has claimed the top 3 positions for product sales – Tranquility. Tranquility often feels like a well-kept secret in Canada, because it’s not available in most stores, but it has long been the “go-to” brand for caregivers who appreciate the great quality and comfort of the products they offer.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear was the top choice for Canadians in 2015 because it has superb absorbency and a cotton-like, body-hugging, elasticized design. It’s also one of the few absorbent underwear products to come in an extended range of sizes from XS to XXL.

“My mother is very pleased with the overnight protection this product provides and is no longer afraid of embarrassing leakage. This product is comfortable, absorbent and cost effective. Thanks for a quality product!” – Customer Review from February 2015

Tranquility All-Through-The-Night Briefs (fondly referred to as “ATNs” by caregivers) are Healthwick’s second most popular product and bestselling adult brief. They’re one of the last remaining “poly-backed” adult diapers that are still available in Canada. The ATNs are also available in a wide range of sizes from Y to XL and (we believe) have one of the best cost-to-absorbency ratios on the market.

“These adult diapers do what they say. My Father who is almost 91 and incontinent wakes up dry on the outside almost every morning. Great product with a very nice absorbency and really comfortable. I highly recommend them, especially with the good prices on this site.” – Customer Review from May 2015

Tranquility Slimline Briefs were the surprise mover on Healthwick’s list of bestselling incontinence products in 2015. In previous years, this product hovered somewhere around the middle of the list, but jumped due to the growing demand for a slimmer, more discreet adult diaper for daytime use. Like the Tranquility ATNs, they are plastic-backed but available in a larger range of sizes, including a “Junior” version for children as small as 28 lbs.

“Really like this product. The stripe indicators on brief are very helpful indicating when the brief is full of liquid. The blue re-adjustable tabs are also good. Person who wears them also said the feel is so comfortable and snug, a good fit.” – Customer Review from October 2015

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Premium Briefs and Abena Abri-Flex Premium Underwear were the 4thand 5th bestselling products of 2015 at Healthwick. Both are cloth-like in texture and boast very high absorbency, but come with an equally high price point as they’re imported from Denmark.

“Excellent quality & fit. After sampling several well known brands on the market, my mother said for her needs she felt most comfortable and secure wearing the Abena Abri-Flex Premium underwear.”– Customer Review from November 2015

Tranquility appears once again in the 6th spot with the Tranquility Topliner Super-Plus Booster Pad, a specially designed insert pad that boosts the absorbency of a host brief or absorbent underwear, but which allows urine to flow through when it’s reached capacity.

    “These liners are a great addition to the small Abri-form Air Plus Premium briefs that I use for my disabled daughter. It guarantees a dry night and several more hours in the day where we don't have to worry about a change.” - Customer Review from March 2015

    7th spot goes the Presto FlexRight Overnight Underwear. This new Healthwick product was only launched half-way through 2015, but climbed quickly into the bestsellers list because of its low cost and high absorbency, along with a unique elastic-free design that’s unlike anything else on the market. This is a product to watch for in 2016.

    Another product we expect to grow in popularity in 2016 is the 8th place Prevail Breezers 360° Ultimate Absorbency Briefs. Several unique features make these an up-and-coming adult diaper, including the completely breathable waistband and the wide stretch side panels that guarantee a comfortable and secure fit. They’re also one of the lowest cost-per-unit briefs to be found in Canada, making them an unbeatable value.

    9th place on the Healthwick bestseller lists goes to the tried-and-true TENA Super Briefs. One of our previous bestsellers from past years, the TENA Super Briefs have dropped in popularity lately as the improved features and better price points of new products have been drawing customers away from this top national brand.

    Rounding out the top 10 bestselling adult incontinence products in 2015 is another relative newcomer to Canada – Confidry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs. This is another surprise bestseller, as it’s the only product on Healthwick’s top 10 list which is not offered as free samples from the manufacturer and it has one of the highest cost-per-units. This bulky, poly-backed adult diaper offers very high absorbency and a quilted texture that’s soft against the skin.

    “My grandmother suffers from severe incontinence. We had to use 3 layers of diapers and still change drenched linen each morning until I tried these. They are huge, but well worth not having to change linen each and every day. Thank you. These are great. A+” – Customer Review from December 2015

    These and other bestselling adult incontinence products can now be found in the “Bestsellers” category on the Healthwick website.

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