3 Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal
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3 Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal

Properly disposing of incontinence products can often be a challenge, regardless of whether you’re at home or out and about. Here are some helpful tips for disposing of your incontinence products.

Tip #1 - Use Disposable Bags

Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal - Healthwick Canada

Disposable bags are a convenient and cost effective way to dispose of used incontinence products. You can purchase disposable bags or simply reuse the single-use plastic bags you receive at the grocery store.

If you’re out in public, bring a disposable bag or two with you. Placing your used products in a bag allows you to contain odours and discreetly dispose of items. When it’s time to change, simply wrap up your diaper, underwear or pad tightly, place it in the bag and tie a tight knot. This will allow you to discreetly bring your used product from the bathroom stall to the garbage.

Do you ever find that your used incontinence products can smell even when they’re in the garbage? Disposable plastic bags are also a great solution to this problem. When you’re finished with a product, wrap it up tightly and place it in the bag and be sure to tie a good knot. Then place the individual bag in the garbage. Individually bagging the soiled items will help to control any unwanted odour during and after disposal. 

Tip #2 - Don’t Flush Incontinence Products

Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal - Healthwick Canada

Regardless of whether you’re out in public or at home, you should never try to flush incontinence products down the toilet. Adult diapers, underwear and pads are designed to absorb liquid. If you attempt to flush any of these products, they will continue to absorb water which can cause major blockages in pipes.

It is also important to mention that incontinence products are not green bin friendly everywhere you go. Check with your local region to find out if you incontinence should be going in the garbage or the green bin.

However, there is one exception to this rule. TENA UltraFlush Washcloths are certified flushable by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) when used as directed. This washcloth is 99% biodegradable. If you’re looking for a washcloth with easy disposal, this product is a good option as it can be safely flushed. 

Tip #3 - Get an At Home Disposal System

Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal - Healthwick Canada

As an added measure, you may want to look at getting an Adult Incontinence Disposal System. These systems can make the disposal of incontinence products easy and efficient. A good example of one of these systems is the Janibell Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System. This product has an advanced locking system, which contains odors within the unit. The hands-free design of this system makes it a great choice for numerous living settings. This system can hold up to 35 adult-sized briefs. The Janibell Akord is available for purchase on our Healthwick website.

If you’re concerned about odour control in your home, a Incontinence Disposable System is the way to go. 

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Aug 03, 2023
Andre audet

Nice products but not satisfactory for my situation. My wife is ALhzeimer and she throw her night draper in the toilet. Do y0u
Have a product for that problèmes.

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