Your Secret Weapon to Overnight Dryness
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Your Secret Weapon to Overnight Dryness

Are you tired of waking up in the morning to wet bed sheets and clothing? Being protected from nighttime leaks is a common need we hear about from many of our customers.

Booster Pads - Healthwick Canada

There are a lot of great product options for overnight use available, but if you’re already in a high-absorbency adult diaper that fits you correctly, you may just have to add some extra absorbency.

Booster pads, often referred to as “Diaper Doublers”, are a great way to amp up the absorbency of any adult diaper or underwear product. Booster pads are used in combination with a host product (like a diaper or underwear) to add extra capacity. The flow-through design allows liquid to pass through into the host product once the booster pad is full. This helps to extend the life of any adult diaper or absorbent underwear as well as protect you from overflow leaks.

To watch a video explaining Booster Pads vs. Incontinence Pads (produced by NorthShore Care), please click here

Please note that booster pads MUST be used in conjunction with another product. If you place a booster pad in your regular underwear, liquid will flow right through it and onto your clothing. If you’re looking for a pad that can be worn without another product, you should be shopping for incontinence pads.

Booster pads are available in a wide selection of absorbency levels. Whether you’re in need of a little or a lot of extra capacity, there’s likely a diaper doubler available to meet your unique needs.

Below are 5 of our most popular booster pads based on Healthwick customer reviews. These options range from moderate to heavy absorbency capabilities. If you have any questions about booster pads or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Healthwick customer care team. We’re here to help!

#1 - Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads

TopLiner Booster Pads - Healthwick

One of our most popular and bestselling booster pads is the Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pad. This product has a 5 star rating based on the reviews of our Healthwick customers. This booster pad offers over 320mL of extra absorbency for any adult diaper or pull-up underwear product. For those who experience small leaks overnight, this may be the perfect way to help better protect your bed sheets. 

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads are also available in Mini, SuperContour, and Contour Super-Plus

#2 - Abena Abri-Let 500mL Absorbency Booster Pads

Abena Abri-Let - Healthwick

The Abri-Let booster pad, manufactured by Abena, adds up to 500mL of extra absorbency to any incontinence product. This diaper doubler is large enough that it stays in place without needing an adhesive backing. This is a perfect product for those looking to add some extra overnight protection and extend the life of their usual absorbent product.


#3 - Tranquility TopLiner Super-Plus Contour Booster Pads

TopLiner Contour Super-Plus

Number three on our list is the TopLiner Super-Plus Contour booster pad. This booster pad features 813mL of extra absorbency. The unique shape helps this booster pad fit more comfortably and adds extra protection against leaks. 

Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads are also available in RegularMiniSuper, and Contour


#4 - NorthShore Booster Pads

NorthShore Booster Pads - Healthwick

NorthShore is a new addition to the Healthwick product lineup. These booster pads by NorthShore Care Supply are available in 3 different sizes and have the ability to add up to 620mL of extra absorbency. The adhesive strip helps to keep this product exactly where you need it.

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