Why Feminine Hygiene Pads aren’t enough to Manage Incontinence
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Why Feminine Hygiene Pads aren’t enough to Manage Incontinence

As someone who is new to experiencing incontinence, you may have purchased feminine hygiene products to help manage your new condition.  However, what you may not know is that these pads and inserts are not sufficient for incontinence.  If your voids are anything greater than light bladder leakage, an absorbent pad, underwear or brief is highly recommended. 

Absorbent Underwear There are two primary types of absorbent underwear, disposable and washable pairs.  Disposable underwear is generally made with a plastic or cloth woven backsheet, and depending on the designated absorbency, will have varying levels of Super Absorbent Polymers inside.  [For more info on the composition of adult diapers, see the post: Thicker Isn’t Better.]  Washable incontinence underwear, such as the TENA Comfort Pants or the TENA Knit Pants, have inserts for absorbent pads; the pads are disposable, while the ‘pants’ are reusable.  Either option, the disposable underwear or the washable, reusable underwear have products ranging from light absorbency to maximum absorbency. 

Absorbent Pads Incontinence pads look very similarly to feminine hygiene pads, yet incontinence pads offer considerably more absorbency, and often cover a larger surface area.  Like absorbent underwear, pads range in absorbency from light to maximum, with many options suitable for bowel incontinence.  Generally incontinence pads are slightly more expensive than feminine hygiene pads, yet considering the underlying costs of laundry and the potential for numerous trips to your gynecologist or doctor, the additional few cents per unit are well worth it. 

To avoid numerous health complications such as UTI’s and rashes from irritation, regularly changing your product of choice is not just recommended, it is necessary.

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