What is Liquid Nutrition?
Liquid Nutrition
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What is Liquid Nutrition?

We’ve been looking at expanding our product lineup for sometime now. We’ve had great suggestions from many of our customers about products we could carry that would help make their lives easier.

Healthwick is proud to announce that we have launched a Liquid Nutrition and Special Diet collection on our website!

What is Liquid Nutrition?

Liquid nutrition encompasses a wide range of products, from meal replacements to nutrient-rich liquids to thickening agents, Liquid nutrition is often suggested or prescribed by doctors for people who have difficulty with solid food, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty meeting nutritional needs. 

Nutrition supplement drinks can help you get the nutrition you need when you are unable to eat. They can be used as a meal or snack replacement. There are many different types of nutrition supplement drinks, and many of them will provide you with the nutrition you need.

People find liquid nutrition products useful for a wide variety of reasons. They can help prevent unintentional weight loss, ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need, and make eating easier for those who have conditions, such as dysphagia, which causes difficulty swallowing and requires a thickened diet.

There are many different types of liquid nutrition products available, from protein boosters to liquid thickeners for easier swallowing.

Did you know that ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) may cover you for a special diet allowance? Liquid nutrition is a common support for ODSP Beneficiaries, and can be requested under the Special Diet Allowance, if confirmed by a healthcare provider in Ontario. Learn more on our ODSP page here.

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