What happens if Canada Post goes on strike?
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What happens if Canada Post goes on strike?

Effective July 2nd, Canada Post parcel service may be disrupted or halted due to a strike or lockout.

We hate to bear bad news, but we wanted to let you know that we've been informed that a strike or lockout in early July could substantially disrupt all parcel deliveries in Canada.

The last Canada Post disruption was in 2011 and lasted 3 weeks, during which time all parcels in the Canada Post system were delayed until a strike was resolved.

A labour disruption is not certain at this time, but if you're worried your next order may be affected, here are some options:

What You Can Do

1) Order Early

If you place your next order soon enough, you should not be affected by a potential Canada Post labour disruption. Please note the following recommended last shipping dates for Canada Post Expedited Parcel with Healthwick:

  • British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Newfoundland - Thursday, June 23rd
  • PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Manitoba - Friday, June 24th
  • Ontario or Quebec - Monday, June 27th

2) Choose Canpar Courier

Until such time as this potential labour disruption is resolved, we've made Canpar Courier delivery service available nation-wide for an additional $4.

We are also including a free package of Presto Washcloths (valued at $4.29) with every Canpar Courier-shipped order to help offset the additional cost.

We are working hard to evaluate other potential shipping methods in the event that a strike or lockout with Canada Post does go forward on July 2nd and we will keep you posted (no pun intended!)

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or if we can help.

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