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Voice of the Customer: The Situational Search

Author: Jay, Healthwick Customer & Guest Blog Writer

Wading into the vast and diverse incontinence product offerings on the market, from the many brands available, can be an intimidating prospect for a newcomer. There are so many different styles, descriptions, capabilities and price points, that it can be hard to determine where to start in finding the right product for you.

In addition, the reality  is that, for many of us, there is no single “right product”, because different activities and situations call for different solutions. The guard, pad, brief, or diaper that you wear to bed is probably going to be different from one you would wear to work, and neither of those might be right for the gym, for example. 

I speak from personal experience; I had sorted out my preferences for overnight and daytime products, but I was casting about for a solution to wear to the gym, and it was not an easy quest. I wanted a discrete, quiet fit, but also a diaper that could stand up to physical activity, without chafing or irritation. However, I did not want to buy bags or cases of several products, only to discover that they weren’t right for me – that would be an expensive process. 

That’s why I’m glad that Healthwick offers a comprehensive array of products in all categories, with detailed descriptions that allow for easy comparisons, and, most importantly, Healthwick offers free samples of up to 5 products at a time.

Using their sample program allowed me to narrow down the field considerably, at minimal expense, and then, to test drive more than one size of a couple of the frontrunners, before I zeroed in on the correct product for me. Then, I was able to place my order with confidence.

For those of you who are curious, my gym diaper of choice is the Prevail Per-Fit 360; I can run 5 miles in one, without knowing that it’s there. 

If you are new to shopping for incontinence products, or you have a new application for them – maybe you’ve taken up tennis or joined a softball team at work – have a look at product descriptions, read reviews, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and take advantage of the ability to try before you buy. Having the right product for the situation makes all the difference.

A big thank you to Jay for sharing this helpful personal story with us. If you'd like to be a Healthwick guest blog writer, please click here to submit our form. 


Feb 08, 2022

Although prevail per fit 30 is an excellent product….my guy cannot stand the tabs. He’s 17 non verbal however let’s me know..he feels like a “ baby” on any sort of tab diaper. I wish they came without the tabs.

Feb 08, 2022
Keith Martin

Products are very comfortable to wear just like regular underwear and do an excellent discreet job

Feb 08, 2022
Keith Martin

I would feel comfortable about talking about this

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