Voice of the Customer: Susan's Story
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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer: Susan's Story

Author: Susan, Healthwick Customer & Guest Blog Writer

When your dealt with a life changing event, navigating through this unknown can be overwhelming.

In 2018 my husband suffered such event, he had a hemorrhagic stroke which ultimately left him paralyzed on his left side. When the doctors told us that he would most likely be bed ridden and incontinent I felt hopeless.

This wasn’t supposed to happen while we were in the prime of our life, he was 49 at that time. I didn’t know how much that would change life as we knew it.

From trying to organize hospital beds, and Hoyer lifts, incontinence was not a familiar thing I knew much about, but finding Healthwick sure helped.

There was a great selection of products, from creams to diapers to masks and hand sanitizers now! Everything I needed was available. I was able to receive the necessary products I needed, in addition being able to try free samples was a bonus as sizes of diapers by different brands was a different fit.

This ultimately helped me decide on using TENA, they seem to be the best fit.

The best part is I can order late at night when I have time and know all will be shipped within that day. 

Healthwick delivers their items in discreet packaging too! This has made things a little bit easier.

Thank you,


A big thank you to Susan for sharing this personal story with us. If you'd like to be a Healthwick guest blog writer, please click here to submit our form. 

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Feb 23, 2022

Hello Susan .I read your touching story ,and listening and understand what you are goingthrough. My story was
almost as life changing as yours,and I wish you and your husband all thebest, Be stong

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