Voice of the Customer: Mike's Story
Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer: Mike's Story

Author: Mike, Healthwick Customer & Guest Blog Writer

I would like to share my interesting story of incontinence in my life.

Well, I have had sporadic incontinence issues in my childhood which got a little bit worse as the years progressed. At 18, I was diagnosed with PTSD and that my nighttime issues had been related to it. At this point in my life, I had accepted the fact that I will have to wear diapers or protective underwear with my incontinence pushing into the daytime.

I inherited a fascination with diapers when I moved out on my own and able to wear them with no guilt. The calming effect that wearing a diaper has on my PTSD is quite interesting. For the times that I have one on, my brain stabilizes, becomes calm and clear, much better sleep, as well as giving me peace from the disorder. I had embraced diapers and they had given me peace.

Now in my early thirties, I am a diaper lover and I am always trying new diapers. I wear them as much as I can to keep my life happy Day and night. Any design, color, thickness or discreetness. I am thankful for my incontinence.

Without the amazing people behind the scenes and the front liners at Healthwick, I would not be able to try new products before buying into a full package. It is an amazing option you have! The "pick for me" is a great way to explore new products if you are ever unsure on what to get!

Personally, I would really like to thank everyone at Healthwick for supplying not just incontinence supplies but a peace of mind and confidence that goes above and beyond. I will be a long time buyer!

Thank you very much for being awesome!

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