Up Close and Personal with a Healthwick Customer Care Agent
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Up Close and Personal with a Healthwick Customer Care Agent

This article was written by our Customer Care Agent Cindy.

When I started working at Healthwick as a Customer Care Agent, the world of incontinence was a foreign world to me. I did not know the first thing about adult diapers. Sure, I’ve watched Depend commercials while flipping through the channels, but I never gave it a second thought. So I was beyond overwhelmed when I started working here. 

Healthwick offers such an array of incontinence products, from different brands, absorbency levels, styles, sizes, you name it. I delved right into studying and getting to know the products. I have learned and continue to learn an immense amount. 

But it occurred to me, learning from a book is great, but what better way to have an intimate understanding of the products than by personally trying them. 

And that’s what I did! 

I was going away on a camping trip over a weekend, and it was going to be a long-ish ride, so what better time to try the Abena Pants Premium Absorbent Underwear.

The first thing I did was take measurements around my belly button and hip to determine the right size. This is the advice I give our customers because sizing can vary greatly from one brand to another and clothing size doesn’t reflect size of the diaper. 

With that said….

How was my experience? 

The material of this product felt soft and goes up to the belly button. 

At first, it did feel a tad uncomfortable around the leg area because it felt rather snug. At the same time, I felt somewhat at ease and confident that it did fit snuggly. 

It did feel warm, but I was also sitting for the majority of time. I also wore loose and thicker clothing so that probably didn’t help with the warmth. 

The diaper held up extremely well for 6 hours of pretty constant liquid. Although I was confident that the diaper was going to do its job, mentally it was hard not to worry about leakage. I have to admit I was worried about leaving the car. 

But, I am happy to report that it did not leak at all, it kept my skin fairly dry, and kept the exterior of the diaper completely dry. The liquid was concentrated to the front and middle, with the back completely dry (I was in a seated position for most of it). The diaper did swell up quite a bit and made it a little awkward to walk, but bear in mind that I wore it for 6 hours without a change. 

But all I cared about was that everything was absorbed, and it was! 

What have I learned from this experience?

My biggest concern coming into this was leakage. But I found that wearing the right size and having a snug fit is crucial. 

Wearing a quality diaper with the right absorbency level, style and size gave me that peace of mind and confidence over the leakage concerns I had. 

I sympathize and empathize with anyone who is experiencing incontinence on a full-time basis. If you have incontinence issues (or if you don’t) please remember that you are not alone and you have options. There are so many products (diapers, pads) out there and it can be very daunting.

Please talk to someone and learn about what is available to you, and choose an option that will bring you the most comfort and peace of mind!

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Jul 17, 2023

I applaud your initiative and your commitment to the customers you serve. There is no better way to understand someone than to put yourself in their shoes, or, in this case, their underpants, and there is no better way to know a product than to use it yourself.

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