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Top 5 Most Reviewed Products on

Product reviews from our customers are so important. Not only do they provide us with valuable feedback about the products we carry, but they also help future shoppers make better purchasing decisions. When new customers who are new to incontinence visit for the first time, many rely on the information and experience feedback provided by current customers through product reviews.

We understand that no one knows these products better than the people who use them, and that’s the main reason why we offer Healthwick customers the opportunity to share their experience and opinions with others.

Here’s a look at 5 of our most reviewed products. With almost all 5 star ratings, many of these products have been favourites for many years and some are new products that have quickly won over many Healthwick customers.

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#1 - NorthShore MEGAMAX Adult Diapers

Healthwick Customer Reviews 5 Star Rating

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada“I can’t think of anything negative to say. Perfect fit, crazy absorbency, and the inner fluff doesn’t fall apart. I’ve even tried to make it all fall apart and bunch up but it just won’t. The only constructive criticism I can give is that this technology/process would be great in something a bit thinner for daytime use. Thanks for a fantastic product. Also worth mentioning is that the tapes are big and secure. I ripped one apart when trying to get the tapes off, so you won’t have to worry about them popping off.”

- Taylor, Healthwick Customer

NorthShore MEGAMAX adult diapers are the 7th most reviewed product by Healthwick customers. Since they only launched on our website and became available in December 2020, we thought these were worth including on our list as an honourable mention. 

These adult diapers from NorthShore have become a Healthwick customer favourite, and shoppers have been raving about the incredible absorbency and great fit. MEGAMAX briefs allow for up to 12 hours of continuous wear, with full coverage at the front and rear that works to prevent leaks. The plastic exterior is durable and resistant to sagging. With super strong tabs, an odour reducing design, tall stand-up leg guards, it’s not surprising that this product has quickly become a preferred option for many.

#2 - Tranquility All-Through-the Night Briefs

Healthwick Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Rating 

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada

“I’ve tried almost every diaper available in North America and this one is by far the best! The plastic backing is so soft and smooth. It doesn’t ride up and bunch up under pants. Pants are easy to pull on and off over them. When you roll over in bed at night they don’t twist and drag like the cloth like ones. It has just the right amount of stuffing so it’s not bulky but still can absorb lots. The fit is perfect. The tapes are nice and strong. I hope the manufacturer never changes this product. I would recommend everyone give at least one bag a try. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Jason, Healthwick Customer

These adult diapers from Tranquility are a long-time customer favourite. All-Through-the-Night briefs offer maximum absorbency and comfort for an uninterrupted sleep. Thanks to Tranquility’s patented “Peach Mat Construction”, these briefs guarantee skin dryness, odour control, the neutralization or urine, and more.

#3 - ConfiDry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs

Healthwick Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada

“I came across ConfiDry 24/7 Maximum Absorbency Briefs a year ago. Not only my father but myself as his main caregiver and having a full-time job during the day, can sleep the whole night without having to wake up to change the diapers or the diapers and bedding. They are thick enough and very absorbent. Most times in the morning my father’s skin is dry and never wrinkled. From this perspective alone we both rest the whole night.”

- Edmond, Healthwick Customer

Designed for maximum protection and comfort, ConfiDry 24/7 adult diapers are highly absorbent and leak resistant. These briefs offer up to 12 hours of continuous protection helping to keep skin, clothing, and bedding dry through the night. This adult diapers guarantees outstanding absorbency, leak control, pH neutralization and odour control. 

#4 - Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear

Healthwick Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada

“My husband developed incontinence problems early this year. We have tried several different products but always had ‘leaks’ onto his clothes and protective pads I have placed on his chair and on the bed. He has started to use Tranquility and, so far, we have not had any problems with leaking. We hope this continues and can certainly recommend this product. My husband has the medium size and the product does not show when he is dressed, unlike another user;s comment so it may depend on the size and build of a person. Wearing this product throughout the day is not a problem.”

- Anonymous, Healthwick Customer

Featuring Tranquility's “Peach Mat'', these absorbent underwear offer maximum protection so you can sleep comfortably. The ample, full-rise wait panel works to provide a better and more proportioned fit. The tear away side seams allow for easy removal.

#5 - Inspire+ Incontrol Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

Healthwick Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada

“I tried these for the first time last night. It was the first time in years that I did not have to change my usual product at least once during the night. Even better was that the bed was totally dry in the morning. No sign of any leakage on the bed pad. Yes it is a bulky product as mentioned, but for night use, it is not a problem. The plastic backing makes it a great product for side sleepers like myself. The backing is strong enough to not stretch out so even when the diaper is soaked it does not move, slide down when you move around.”

- Lori, Healthwick Customer

These adult diapers from Rearz feature a whopping absorbency range of 4800-5300mL. These briefs are designed for maximum nighttime protection, and have a thick, plush, plastic-back design. With a stretchy waistband at the front and back and high standing leg guards, this product works to protect against leaks.

Honourable Mention - BetterDry Adult Diapers

Healthwick Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating

Top 5 Most Reviewed Incontinence Products - Healthwick Canada

“This diaper is the most practical one I have come across. It just does a very good job. Very high capacity and super absorbent. Good as a nighttime choice with it’s high leak guards, and I have never had a leak laying on my side. Very comfortable inner materials. I think this is the best priced diaper out there for it’s category.”

- Alan, Healthwick Customer

These adult diapers from BetterDry are a favourite for many Healthwick customers and are our 6th most reviewed product, so we wanted to include them on our list as an honourable mention.

BetterDry adult diapers are capable of holding up to 4.4L of liquid. They are specifically designed to help reduce leaks and offer outstanding protection. These briefs feature large tape tabs, an all-around waist elastic, and extra high standing leg cuffs. You can be confident you’re well protected thanks to BetterDry’s wetness indicator, high-absorbency, and odour reduction properties. 


Jul 24, 2023

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I have been extremely pleased with the service I have received on the Help Line. I was in contact a number of times and was so satisfied with the responses. Their chat/help line surprised me. I can’t say enough good about them.

Aug 05, 2021

I buy all my needs from Healthwick and love the products I receive thy fit well and not leaks very nice products and booster pads they work very well .

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