Top 10 Best Selling Absorbent Underwear
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Top 10 Best Selling Absorbent Underwear

2021 Best Selling Incontinence Underwear - Healthwick Canada

This year marks the 10th year that Healthwick has been offering Canada’s largest selection of incontinence products. We are so grateful to be able to continue to assist our customers and their loved ones with finding the right products to help them live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Each year, we release our list of the top 10 best selling adult diapers and incontinence products, as selected by Healthwick customers. As 2021 marks a decade of helping Canadians find the best products to help manage their incontinence, we thought it would be a good idea to check in and see what some of the best selling incontinence products are so far. 

We often showcase our best selling briefs, but there are other types of incontinence products available, such as incontinence pads, male guards and absorbent underwear. For those managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence, pull-up absorbent underwear are a popular choice. That said, here are our top 10 best selling incontinence underwear products (in no particular order) since January 2021...

#1: Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear

Tranquility Premium OverNight Underwear - Healthwick Canada

These Premium Overnight Underwear from Tranquility have been a Healthwick customer favourite for many years. It’s not surprising that this product consistently lands in our top 10, as many shoppers appreciate the soft, cloth-like exterior and strong leg cuffs for leakage protection. These underwear are perfect for overnight use, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.


#2: TENA Protective Underwear Overnight Super

TENA Overnight Underwear Super

Our second pick for best selling incontinence underwear are the TENA Protective Underwear Overnight Super. In addition to the high absorbency, these protective underwear work to reduce odours, protect against leaks, and wick away moisture for better skin health. These underwear are great for overnight protection, as the “W-Shaped” absorbent zone conforms to the body to help channel liquid away from the skin. 


#3: TENA Extra Protective Underwear/TENA Ultimate Underwear

TENA Extra Ultimate Underwear - Healthwick

These absorbent underwear, also known as “TENA Ultimate Extra Underwear”, ensure worry-free security. The effective leak protection combined with a soft, cloth-like material make these a steady favourite among Healthwick customers. All TENA products are also Latex-free, scent-free and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin.


#4: Abena Abri-Flex Premium Underwear

Abena Abri-Flex Underwear - Healthwick

Moving on to number four, we have the Abri-Flex Premium Underwear from the Danish brand Abena. Abena is one of our best selling brands, as their incontinence products offer dependable and comfortable protection. The Abena Abri-Flex Premium Underwear features premium elastics, full breathability, exceptional absorbency and a reliable leakage barrier. 



#5: Prevail Maximum Absorbency Protective Underwear

Prevail Maximum Absorbency Underwear - Healthwick

Prevail offers a wide selection of continence care products, making this a favoured brand for many. The Prevail Maximum Absorbency Protective Underwear offers daily protection for those experiencing urge and/or mixed incontinence. They are fully breathable and work to promote proper skin health. Prevail is a great option for those with delicate skin, as all Prevail products are scent-free, Latex-free and hypoallergenic. 



#6: NorthShore GoSupreme Underwear

NorthShore GoSupreme Underwear - Healthwick Canada

Launching with Healthwick in late 2020, NorthShore Care is a new addition to our product lineup. NorthShore has quickly become one of our most popular brands, carrying a wide selection of premium incontinence products. In less than 6 months, NorthShore’s GoSupreme Underwear has become a Healthwick customer favourite. These soft and breakable absorbency underwear offer outstanding protection for day or night. Offering up to 8 hours of protection, these underwear feature body-gripping waist elastics, dual leak guards and an extra-long contoured lining to wick away moisture. If you’re looking for a lighter version of this great product, try the NorthShore GoSupreme Lite Underwear.


#7: Tranquility Premium DayTime Underwear

Tranquility DayTime Underwear - Healthwick

These absorbent underwear have been rated 5 stars by Healthwick customers. Tranquility’s Premium DayTime underwear provides heavy protection for active daytime use. These DayTime Underwear are perfect for those who need extra protection throughout the day. Featuring Tranquility’s “Peach Mat” construction, these underwear guarantee skin dryness and odour reduction.



#8: Attends Premier Underwear

Attends Premier Underwear - Healthwick

If you’re looking for a highly-absorbent, soft, breathable brief, the Attends Premier Underwear may be the perfect product for you. These are the most absorbent underwear from Attends, offering great overnight protection combined with 100% breathability for better skin health. The high-rise, full-fit design helps to minimize leaks so you stay dry and confident.



#9: TENA NEW Plus Protective Underwear

TENA NEW Plus Protective Underwear - Healthwick Canada

The new and improved TENA NEW Plus Protective Underwear are designed for moderate to heavy bladder leak protection. Great for both men and women, these absorbent underwear provide full coverage and extra security against unwanted leaks. Like all TENA products, these incontinence underwear are hypoallergenic, scent-free and Latex-free, making this a good option for those with delicate or sensitive skin.


#10: Prevail Overnight Underwear

Prevail Overnight Underwear - Healthwick Canada

Last, but certainly not least, is Prevail Overnight Underwear. This is a relatively new product, released by Prevail as a replacement for the Prevail Overnight Underwear for Women and the Prevail Overnight Underwear for Men which are being discontinued. Although it’s quite new, Healthwick customers are finding that this is a great product for overnight use. The new Prevail Overnight Underwear offers 100% breathability, combined with Odour Guard and Skin Smart Fabric for skin health. 


Don't forget that many of these great products are available as free samples. If you're not 100% satisfied with your current product, we suggest you check out our free sample program to try some new incontinence products. If you have any questions or need some help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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