TENA Indentifi: New Continence Care Technology
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TENA Indentifi: New Continence Care Technology

SCA, a leading global hygiene and forest products company and the maker of TENA incontinence and skin care products, today announced that TENA Identifi, a new continence care technology, is currently in the final stages of regulatory clearance for an introduction to the United States market. The device, which leverages sensor technology to capture individual voiding patterns, provides caregivers with access to a new level of knowledge and represents a shift toward more individualized continence planning and resident care in acute and long-term-care facilities. TENA Identifi was introduced to the Canadian market in 2013.

TENA Identifi integrates an innovative data logging and transmitting device with disposable TENA Identifi Sensor Wear to electronically track resident voiding patterns in real-time. Over a 72-hour assessment period, TENA Identifi tracks the voiding patterns and volume at each product change, then graphically converts the data into actionable, evidence-based reports that provide a good base for appropriate product selection. This, in turn, empowers staff and caregivers to make more informed decisions on individual continence care without having to rely on manual recording processes.

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