Press Release - Healthwick Expands Support for ODSP Clients
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Press Release - Healthwick Expands Support for ODSP Clients

Complimentary samples, free shipping & direct billing for Mandatory Special Necessities beneficiaries.

Canadian online retailer announced today a series of special initiatives for Ontario residents receiving funds with the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). ODSP clients who have been approved for the Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit can now receive complimentary samples, no-cost shipping, and direct billing to the Ministry of Community and Social Services with no out-of-pocket expenses.

An estimated 470,000 Ontarians receive support monthly through ODSP, administered by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. ODSP provides a range of provisions for basic living needs, including continence care products for clients who are managing incontinence. 

The cost of incontinence supplies such as adult diapers, underwear, pads, catheters and hygiene items can be several hundred dollars a month; a heavy financial burden for Ontario residents who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Healthwick has been working with ODSP caseworkers for the past 2 years to develop a program that allows beneficiaries to receive their necessary monthly supplies in a discreet, convenient deliveries,” says Sharron Jones, Healthwick’s Marketing and Customer Care Director. “We’re very happy that we’ve developed a system that gives ODSP clients access to the largest selection of products in Canada, direct-to-home shipping, and exclusive benefits not found at other retailers.”

The exclusive benefits Healthwick offers ODSP clients include a sample program, in which ODSP beneficiaries are eligible for one free order of up to 5 samples shipped to their homes. This allows the customer to try multiple products, including niche and specialty items not found in stores.

Retail stores in Canada typically only carry a small handful of incontinence product brands and sizes, and they don’t offer samples, which makes it difficult and expensive for customers to try different products,” says Jones. “The free sample program for ODSP clients lets them find the right fit for them without spending anything.

Once clients have established which product(s) suits them best and ODSP caseworkers have faxed approval for the client to Healthwick, Healthwick’s ODSP support also include free shipping and direct billing to the Ministry of Community and Social Services. The result is that ODSP beneficiaries can receive monthly orders of necessary supplies direct to their homes with no out-of-pocket expenses.

“We believe this special support at Healthwick for ODSP beneficiaries is a win-win for both the clients and the Ministry,” says Sean Neville, Healthwick CEO. “The client enjoys a far more convenient and discreet level of service, and the Ministry benefits from streamlined billing and less caseworker time spent managing client needs.”

ODSP beneficiaries or caseworkers can learn more at Healthwick ODSP or by calling toll-free at 1-877-775-6656. A dedicated toll free fax line at 1-866-253-9839 has been set up for caseworkers to fax approvals, with most ODSP client orders being shipped within 1 business day of the approval being received.

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