Managing Incontinence While Travelling
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National Incontinence Awareness Month

Managing Incontinence While Travelling

Many people suffering from incontinence might find it surprising that a large number of people with this problem are leading a normal and active life, pursuing not just their daily activities but their hobbies as well. It is all a matter of managing the condition using the best available products and taking precautionary measures. 

For all adults who suffer from incontinence, planning a trip is equally possible as for others, provided they plan well and leave home prepared. To help you manage your condition while traveling, here are some helpful tips:

Take the Necessary Supplies
The most important thing to do is to carry around a travel kit which contains all the necessary equipment you would need to manage your incontinence. This should include the essential incontinence products such as incontinence pads or guards, adult diapers, protective underwear and extra clothes. You should also keep hand wipes, cleansing products and plastic bags in the kit. Wherever you travel, this travel kit should remain with you at all times.

Research about Your Travel Destination
Before you reach your travel destination, spend some time on the internet researching some vital facts about the place. Find out the location of restrooms in the areas you will be visiting during your trip. Also check the availability of laundry options in the area and find out where you can get incontinence products should you need to buy them urgently. Knowing all this can be very helpful in case of emergencies for people traveling with incontinence.

Plan Your Schedule and Stick to It
Another important thing you need to do is to plan your trip ahead of time to the best possible extent and not take spontaneous detours. While making your travel schedule, find out where you can find restrooms in the vicinity. In the case you take unplanned detours, you might have trouble finding a place you can get incontinence products or use restrooms, causing great inconvenience.

Keep a Check on Your Diet
Keeping a close check on your diet can also be helpful in controlling incontinence. Your food and liquid intake while travelling should be controlled so that the condition can be kept to a minimum level. You should avoid caffeine, alcohol, salty foods and any other food item that stimulates your incontinence. To learn more about what you should and shouldn’t eat while traveling, you can talk to your doctor or caregiver.

Select Travel Mediums Accordingly
Decide on whether you will be travelling by train, car or plane. If you are taking a long flight or train trip, make sure you use long-lasting incontinence products since the disposable system on both can be quite inappropriate. If you are travelling via car, select a route where you can find restrooms conveniently along the way after short intervals.

If you take these precautionary measures, there is no reason why you cannot travel despite being incontinent.

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