Managing Bedwetting at Sleepovers
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Managing Bedwetting at Sleepovers

Let’s talk directly to all the kids who are managing nighttime incontinence or bedwetting, and who want to host or join in a sleepover with friends.

Joining your friends for a sleepover or having one at your place is definitely fun but if you’re managing bedwetting, having or being part of a sleepover can sound really intimidating. What will your friends think of you if they ever found out? How can you manage without embarrassing yourself?

For starters, we do always think it’s best to tell your closest friends, if you think you’re comfortable with that. But if you’re looking for tips to get through a sleepover without anyone finding out, here are some ideas.

  • Take it on yourself to set a few trials at home before the actual sleepover. You may need the help of your parents, but at least you’ll be prepared for any sleepover. And that’s what parents are for – to help!
  • Learn how you can clean after yourself discretely. This might be as easy as having some wipes and a disposable bag for soiled products in your bag or better yet, a toiletry bag that you can take to the washroom. This will give you more confidence and ensure that you easily tackle any tidyup. And setting your alarm a little early to get to the bathroom first before anyone else gets up can be an easy way to avoid explanations.
  • Suggest everyone to bring their own sleeping bag. That way if the bedclothes do get soiled, you don’t feel you have to explain to the host. AND, it makes it easier to do the next tip…
  • Bring a waterproof bedpad. Disposable ones are easy to transport, but are pretty obvious. Washable ones look pretty much the same as regular linens, so might be more discreet.
  • If you’re sleeping over at friend’s place, spend a few minutes learning about your surroundings and where the closest bathroom is. You may also need to pack a flashlight so that you don’t have to switch many lights on your way to the bathroom.

A few simple ideas and some help from your parents can make your next sleepover more enjoyable and far less intimidating!

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