Incontinence-Proofing Your Home
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Incontinence-Proofing Your Home

It's easier to clean up incontinence if you prepare ahead of time. Even if your older adult wears adult diapers, you'll probably spend a lot of time cleaning up after accidents. Prepping the home with highly rated protection items that actually work will save you time and money. Below, we have compiled a list of products that may assist you in creating a comfortable environment for you and your receiver of care.

To start off, underpads come extremely handy when creating a safe space. Incontinence underpads are typically used to protect furniture or bedding from damage from urinary or bowel incontinence. They provide an additional layer of security for those who are using adult diapers, underwear or pads to manage their incontinence. Underpads come in a range of sizes and absorbencies but should be treated as a secondary product, used in addition to a quality adult diaper, underwear or pad to capture primary urinary leakage. This is what a customer had to say about one of our best-selling underpads: “I get a better night’s sleep knowing that I won’t leave a mess for the morning!”.

Secondly, this is a product designed to accommodate adult-sized briefs. The Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System makes the disposal of incontinence products easy and efficient with its advanced double sealing locking system. This advanced system locks away odors, and its unique hands-free design makes it appealing for numerous living settings. This product is sometimes called a “diaper pail”. In the words of a customer, “This is the product I was searching for. It holds a fair amount of used briefs, neutralizing and illuminating the odor so that you could leave it in any room of your home without worry. Highly recommend this product to other customers.”. 

Along with this disposal system, you will want to have liners to handle incontinence waste. These liners can contain 90 infant-sized or 30+ adult-sized diapers, and each load can hold approximately 560 adult diapers. Customers have said that this product “Works well for disposable underwear and keeps the odor down.”.

The following product will come in aid for the caregiver when ensuring the home is clean. This all natural surface cleaner contains pure essential oils equivalent to 7 fresh lemons. These pure essential oils offer antibacterial properties that are effective with a fresh lemon scent. It is safe for use on sinks, marble and granite countertops, and more. In addition, it’s made locally in Oakville, Ontario!

Finally, to ensure your loved one has the utmost comfort at all times, equip clothing that is easy to dress and undress. Adaptive bottoms can help provide an easier changing experience. These pants for men, or these pants for women, fully open at the back but have generous modesty flaps to provide coverage. The three silver snaps at the back waistline allow these pants to be easily put on and offer some sizing adjustment.

We hope that proofing your house for continence issues is made easy with the products above. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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