"I wish I'd known then...."
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"I wish I'd known then...."

Last week, we asked our customers to finish the sentence "I wish I'd known then..." and tell their story about what they've learned since managing incontinence. The responses have been amazing! 

A few comments that really stood out:

"I wish I'd known then..... that there is such a range of sizes and products for youth. I have a special needs teen and used store bought diapers (no big sizes and only one type) for a long time until I found Healthwick and was able to try your different styles and sizes. I was glad to find your washable swim diaper as well!!!"

"I wish I had known then... how to buy and wear clothes that hide the fact that I'm wearing a diaper. You need to wear a snug fitting diaper with loose fitting clothes. Clothes don't have to be too loose, relaxed fit jeans or dress pants one size larger usually work well."

"I'd wish I'd known then.... that incontinence products are not nearly as visible as I thought, and that most people are too wrapped up in their own world to notice!"

Finally, our favourite comment (and it's an inspiring one):

"Good luck and don't let incontinence ruin your life. Just put on your diaper and keep confident in yourself."

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