Face Masks - We're In This Together
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Face Masks - We're In This Together

We’re all in this together.

That’s the spirit that Canadians world-wide have taken to heart since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And we couldn’t be more proud of our customers and our communities for everything you’ve done to keep not only yourself but also your friends, family and neighbours safe and healthy.

It’s also the reason why we’re carrying washable cloth masks for you now.

Healthcare professionals have said that while the cloth masks do not provide medical-level protection for the wearer, they DO provide community-level protection for the population. This is because they stop the wearer from spraying droplets/vapour.

We know now from the W.H.O. that the incubation period for COVID-19 can be a couple of weeks. That means that there is a not-insignificant percentage of the population in public spaces who are infected and don't know it yet.

By wearing a face mask, you’re helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 (if you have it) to your neighbours at your local grocery store, public transit or even just walking around town.

There isn't consistent data yet on how much personal protection the wearer benefits from, not the least of which because there's so much variation in mask designs. But the general agreement seems to be "some protection is better than nothing".

Effectively the theory by healthcare professionals is simply this - the more people who cover their nose and mouth in public, it appears the lower the rate of transmission in the community.

If you can’t afford a mask or you prefer not to wear one, you can use a scarf or bandana for the same effect. Our tips for best use are:

  • -Choose a fabric with a tight weave OR which is doubled up (as our masks are)
  • -Make sure your face covering covers your mouth and nose
  • -Make sure your mask fits snug (but not uncomfortable) against your face.
  • -Wash your mask after every use, either by hand or in your regular laundry and dry thoroughly before wearing to prevent skin irritation.

Thank you again for all you’re doing to keep yourself, your loved ones and your community safe. And next time you see someone wearing a mask in public, we hope you smile (even if they can’t see it), knowing they’re wearing it to help protect you as you are to protect them!

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