Discreet Solutions For Managing Incontinence
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Discreet Solutions For Managing Incontinence

When our customers get in touch with us to help them find solutions for managing their incontinence, they often ask what the most discreet options available are. If you’re managing light to moderate incontinence, there are some unique options available to you that are more discreet than a traditional adult diaper or pull-up underwear product.

Here’s a look at a few solutions for managing incontinence that provide more discretion. There are certain products that are designed to be used by either men or women, with some options being unisex. If you have any questions about any of these products or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team.

#1 - Incontinence Pads & Male Guards

Incontinence pads and male guards are probably the most discreet option when it comes to absorbent products. They’re available in a variety of lengths, sizes, shapes and absorbency levels to meet individual needs and preferences.

Incontinence Pads and Male Guards - Healthwick Canada

Similar to a menstrual pad, incontinence pads and male guards have a plastic backing to prevent leaks, and some even have an adhesive strip to help keep the pad in place while you move. But unlike menstrual pads, incontinence pads tend to have a much higher absorbency and better odour control. If you’re looking for an absorbent product with minimal bulkiness, incontinence pads are a great option. While some incontinence pads are designed specifically for women, the majority are unisex and can be worn by both men and women. If you need more convincing, check out these 5 Great Reasons to Try Pads Instead of Adult Diapers.

Male guards are very similar incontinence pads, but they are designed to offer maximum protection for the male anatomy. The shape and construction of male guards places the most absorbent area in the front where men typically need the most security. Male guards, also called “man pads” are generally good for light to moderate urinary incontinence. 

#2 - Male External Catheters

The word “catheter” tends to get a bad rep, as most people assume catheters are only for internal use. But for men who are looking for a discreet solution to manage urinary incontinence, male external catheters are a good option.

Male External Catheters - Healthwick Canada

Male catheters are also referred to as condom catheters. This name is used to describe the function of this type of catheter. Similar to a condom, an external male catheter is worn over the penis. The condom piece is then connected to a collection back (either attached to the leg or bedside) using tubing. This design allows urine to be quickly and discreetly collected into a bag that is out of sight.

Like most incontinence products, male external catheters are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. It’s important to select the best option for you, and we’d even suggest you talk to your doctor prior to use. To learn more about male external catheters, check out this article on our Healthwick blog: Are Male External Catheters Right for You?

#3 - Bladder Supports

As the name suggests, this product is used by women to support your bladder and prevent leaks. Bladder supports work by stopping leaks rather than absorbing them. They work by inserting a small, uniquely-shaped plastic device into your vagina, this then physically lifts your urethra to prevent leaks, but it won’t interfere with normal urinary flow when using the washroom. Bladder supports can be used at home and don’t require a prescription from a doctor. 

Bladder Supports - Healthwick Canada

Bladder supports are an effective and discreet solution for women managing light urinary incontinence. Not to mention bladder supports are practical for any budget as they can be reused for up to 12 months before needing to be replaced. Healthwick carries the Uresta bladder support, which is proudly Canadian-made. 

We hope that one of these discreet solutions for managing incontinence works for you. If you have any questions about these products, please get in touch with us. We’re always here to help. If you’re new to incontinence, we also recommend you read our Guide to Managing Incontinence available on our Healthwick website.

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