Breathable Briefs for Hot & Humid Summer Weather

Breathable Briefs for Hot & Humid Summer Weather

After another cold, long winter, many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer and warmer weather. However, as many Canadians know, warmer temperatures also tend to bring humidity.

Breathable Briefs for Hot Summer Weather

For those who are managing incontinence, hot and humid summer nights can be quite uncomfortable and irritating for your skin. If you’re wearing a plastic-backed incontinence product, you’ve probably noticed that your skin can become especially irritated in the summer months due to humidity and a lack of airflow to your perineal skin. That’s why, particularly in the summer, many opt to switch to a more breathable product to help manage their incontinence.

Here’s a list of a few of our bestselling, breathable adult diapers. Many of these products have been specifically designed to ensure air reaches the skin and moisture, caused by humidity as well as urine, are quickly wicked away from the skin. You can also visit our Breathable Adult Diapers and Underwear section on our website for more product options.

If you need some help finding a product that is more suitable for warmer weather or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer care team. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you find a solution for your unique situation. We hope this helps!

NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs

Breathable Briefs for Summer - Healthwick Canada

These adult diapers from NorthShore are highly absorbent and completely breathable. Suitable for both day and night use, these briefs feature airflow breathability to promote good skin health as well as control odours. The top sheet is soft and absorbs liquid and moisture quickly to help keep skin dry. These adult diapers are latex-free with a soft, cloth-like exterior that is rustle-free for quiet discretion.

Available in sizes XS - XXL. Try a Free Sample! 

Tranquility SlimLine Breathable Briefs

Breathable Briefs for Summer - Healthwick Canada

This adult diaper from Tranquility features fully breathable sides to promote air circulation for comfort and skin health. These briefs feature Tranquility’s patented “Peach Mat” core, which works to guarantee skin dryness, odour control and more. The SlimLine design offers a contoured fit so that the wearer can feel comfortable and confident in any climate. 

Available in sizes M - XL.

Prevail Air Plus Briefs

Breathable Briefs for Summer - Healthwick Canada

Air Plus Briefs from Prevail combine excellent absorbency with 100% breathability. Prevail’s unique design locks away wetness and allows air, heat and humidity to escape helping to maintain good skin health. Wearers will feel fresh and dry through the entire day or night. These adult diapers are suitable for heavy to maximum incontinence protection.

Available in sizes S/M - XL. Try a Free Sample!

TENA Flex Maxi Briefs

Breathable Briefs for Summer - Healthwick Canada

These adult diapers from TENA are a fully breathable belted brief. This design helps to reduce heat build-up against the perineal skin and promote better overall skin health. The belted construction of this TENA product allows for an easier changing experience, and the maximum absorbency provides protection for those managing moderate to heavy incontinence.

Available in sizes M and L. Try a Free Sample!

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