AS SEEN IN: Globe and Mail "An E-Tailers Dilemma"
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AS SEEN IN: Globe and Mail "An E-Tailers Dilemma"

Healthwick CEO Sean Neville was featured in the Globe and Mail's popular "An E-Tailers Dilemma" segment today. The specialty segment for Healthwick was titled "Marketing the Unmentionable" and covers the difficulty in marketing a product for which consumers are leery of offering word of mouth because of the delicate and personal nature of incontinence product shopping.


Businesses that deliver what they promise can usually rely on some word-of-mouth marketing from customers. But when you’re selling diapers for grown-ups, even the most satisfied of customers are likely to stay mum.

“When people suffer from incontinence, it’s not something they openly discuss, and they’re certainly not going to be telling people in their circle that they’re using an adult diaper,” says Sean Neville, owner of Healthwick Canada, an Oakville, Ont., online retailer of adult and youth diapers that opened its e-doors two years ago.

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