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Automatic Delivery Program - Healthwick
Automatic Delivery is a convenient way to ensure that you don't run out of product because you forgot to order in time. Simply tell us which products you need and how often you need them (i.e. once per month). From there, we'll automatically process your orders, as scheduled, and ship them hassle-free.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery:

  • Save Time - We do the work of placing your order for you. No more trying to remember your password, or digging your credit card out of your wallet.
  • Save Money - Get 5% off all automatic orders all year long.
  • Enjoy Flexibility - Your order can be changed up to one business day prior to your next shipment, increasing or decreasing the order size or delivery schedule whenever you need to.
  • No Commitment - Cancel your Automatic Delivery enrollment at any time, for any reason with no penalties and no hassle.
  • Completely FREE - There is no cost to the Automatic Delivery Program! It's complimentary for all customers.

How the Automatic Delivery Program Works

Enroll in our automatic delivery program by telling us what products you need, how often you need them (eg every 5 weeks, every 2 months, etc) and confirming your billing and shipping information.

We will automatically process your order on the schedule you've specificed and you will be notified by email when your orders are confirmed and shipped. Note that if your regular order day falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be processed the business day before for timely delivery.

Call or email us at any time to change or cancel your future orders.

Free Automatic Delivery Program

How Much Does the Automatic Delivery Program Cost?

Membership in the Automatic Delivery Program is FREE. Simply pay the cost of products and shipping, plus tax (when required). Automatic Delivery Program members still get the same low flat-fee shipping rates that apply to all Healthwick orders, plus an additional 5% off all automatic orders.

How to Enroll for Automatic Delivery

  • Call us direct at 905-337-5923 or Toll Free 1-877-775-6656 between 9am and 5pm eastern standard time, Monday to Friday, to speak with one of our friendly Customer Care team members to set up your recurring order. The phone call is fast and easy, and you'll start saving immediately!