Voice of the Customer: Rearz Inspire Review
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Voice of the Customer: Rearz Inspire Review


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Today's review: Rearz "Inspire" Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

First Impression: When I first removed the Rearz Inspire from the package and unfolded it. I couldn't help but think how large it seemed. I also noticed that there was a slight crinkle sound when handling it.

Fit: Despite my first impression this brief did not ‎seem overly large once I had it on. It had what seemed like an equal thickness of absorbing material in the front and back. This brief is obviously designed for heavy incontinence yet still fit well under jeans.

Caveat - I found that I could not get the Rearz Inspire tight around my waist without the tape coming undone. I found it to be very‎ lose fitting to the point that it was falling down on it's own especially at the back. To keep it in place I still wore a pair of underwear over top.

‎Absorbency: I wore this brief for about 6 hours and and during that time had about 5 or 6 wettings. During my first wetting I looked for leakage around my groin area and to my surprise this diaper did not leak like many others do. In fact even after repeated wettings this diaper did not leak at all even after sitting down.

I did notice that the absorbing material did bunch slightly in the crotch after a few hours but this obviously did not effect the overall performance. The wet gel stayed in place and did not shift at all.

Tape‎/Tabs: This diaper has four tabs on it. When initially putting it on. One of the tabs did not peel properly and had no sticky on it which made it useless. The remaining three peeled fine but then making the diaper tight would just come undone. When left lose fitting they stayed stuck. I would like to see longer and wider tabs on this brief.

Noise (aka the "crinkle" factor): once under clothing the sound was not noticeable.

Odor: ‎This diaper seemed to mask any smells and I did not feel self conscious at all .

Overall: This product was the best that I have ever tried and I will definitely buy. I would like to try this diaper with an elastic top.

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