Larger UK Facility to Boost the Recycling of Absorbent Diapers
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Larger UK Facility to Boost the Recycling of Absorbent Diapers

United Kingdom: Vast quantities of used diapers and incontinence pads have been given a second life by UK-based Knowaste. The firm has processed many millions of these products since the opening of its first recycling facility for absorbent hygiene products two years ago. And in order to meet increasing market demand, the company is now looking for a location to build a new and larger plant.

The new facility will be sited at an as-yet unspecified location in Oxford and forms part of Knowaste's strategy to develop a number of sites across England. 'We want to find an optimal site close to sources of sustainable heat, power and water that is also optimally located for us to meet the demands of local authorities and hygiene companies,' business development director Paul Richardson has confirmed to local media.

Knowaste has recycled more than 77 million nappies in the UK since it opened its first plant in the West Midlands in 2011. But last year, the company closed its original site as it was too small to enable expansion and business growth.

Knowaste isolates plastics and fibres from the absorbent hygiene products, separating them from human waste so the nappy or incontinence pad can be recycled. This is used to create an additive for concrete, plastic sheets, flood defence systems and containers for used disposable nappies.

According to the company, one million tonnes of absorbent hygiene products waste is generated in the UK every year.

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Sep 26, 2023
Diaper Recycling Technology

The establishment of a larger UK facility dedicated to the recycling of absorbent diapers is a significant step towards addressing the environmental impact of disposable diapers. With the support of innovative diaper recycling technology, such as that found at, this facility has the potential to substantially reduce diaper waste in landfills. By efficiently recycling absorbent diapers and diverting them from traditional disposal methods, the UK can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to diapering, while also setting an example for responsible waste management practices that prioritize both environmental and public health.

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