Jerry's Journey: Prostate Knowledge is Good
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Jerry's Journey: Prostate Knowledge is Good

Before my father was diagnosed with this snippy little disease (prostate cancer), I couldn't tell you the function of the prostate. I never thought about it, and I wasn't alone. A recent study conducted by the fine folks at the Emory Winship Cancer Institute claims only 5% of the men questioned were aware of the prostate's purpose.

Less than 15% of the men surveyed for the Emory study knew the meaning of "incontinence," a potential side effect of prostate cancer treatment. Less than a third understood the term "urinary function." Fewer than half knew the meaning of "impotence."

The people surveyed were at a urology clinic, where the sole function is to discuss impotence, incontinence, and urinary functions.

Dr. Viraj Master, who helped lead the study, says men are so uninformed about simple prostate-related terminology that it could limit the ability of these patients to make wise decisions about their health.


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