Incontinence Product Commercials: Funny or Cringe-worthy?
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Incontinence Product Commercials: Funny or Cringe-worthy?

Let's be frank; talking about incontinence isn't easy. It's a sensitive, highly personal, and often embarrassing subject for most people. You can imagine that advertising incontinence products and product suppliers isn't easy, either! In fact, just last year, the Globe and Mail did a feature story on Healthwick in the section "Marketing the Unmentionable".

That's why we are always interested to see how the major manufacturers are tackling the issue in TV and radio. And our customers are quick to let us know what they think, knowing that we will pass the feedback on to our manufacturers.

When the TENA Twist commercials came out, we received many calls from women who were put off by the imagery. "If I was peeing my pants, do you think I'd be laughing and dancing around?" was one memorable comment. 

When Poise commercials starting appearing, the "SAM in my pants" catchphrase sparked a flurry of calls from customers who weren't pleased. Negative feedback abounds on the Poise website under the topic "SAM in my pants commercial is disgusting!"

And when Depend launched their "Underawareness" commercials, we heard from both men AND women who commented they would rather turn off their TV than watch people stroll around a city in their underwear. 

So when we heard that a "hilarious" new TENA for Men commercial from the UK was making news, we were prepared to cringe and wait for the phones to start ringing. But it seems that this commercial may have finally struck the right note of humour for men managing moderate incontinence. It hasn't appeared in Canada yet that we know of, but when it does, be sure to call and let us know what you think.

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Aug 31, 2022

Why do you not make tv ads for your products ,a lot of men are unaware of these items and should be advertised in the same way womens are.

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