Breathable Products for the Summer

Breathable Products for the Summer

This summer heat is tough to handle for anyone, but for someone dealing with incontinence, adding the weight of a brief, diaper, pad, or guard may be extra stressful. As we go into the summer months, we're here to help with incontinence products that are perfect for hot and humid weather conditions. They are more breathable, allowing better airflow while still providing great protection. 

Adult Diapers

Prevail Air™ Stretchable Overnight Briefs combine maximum absorbency with 100% breathability for men and women with heavy to maximum leakage. Microclimate Care™ technology locks in wetness away from skin and allows air, heat, and humidity to escape. That means wearers feel fresh and dry at all times, promoting healthy skin. Please note: This product has replaced Prevail StretchFit Extended Use Ultimate Absorbency Briefs
North Shore Care's most absorbent breathable brief suitable for both overnight and daytime use, offering up to 8 hours of protection. This premium quality brief features airflow breathability to promote good skin health and helps to control odours. The soft quick drying top sheet absorbs liquid quickly and locks away moisture to keep your skin dry.

With a high level of absorption, Supremfit all-in-one briefs offer an effective solution for managing severe incontinence. Double absorbent core in the centre of the brief optimized absorbency level. Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage. The external wetness indictor will turn blue to indicate when the brief should be changed. 


Absorbent Underwear

Premium elastics, fully breathable material and soft, reliable leak barriers for maximum protection on the go. Abri-Flex products can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the users feeling of freedom and dignity Abri-Flex stays better in place with twice as many elastics as other equivalent products. Unlike other equivalent incontinence products, Abri-Flex has more elastic threads, which makes it hug the body and stay in place like normal underwear would.
North Shore's GoSupreme underwear offers extraordinary overnight OR daytime protection while providing a better fit for individuals with unique body types. Its smaller European sizes allow a more snug fit around the legs, to prevent leaks.

Prevail’s Protective Underwear goes beyond protecting from moderate leakage associated with urge and mixed incontinence. It has improved efficiency by reducing odors and promoting skin health. Advanced discreet core technology has exceptional performance with added comfort and discretion.

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