Adaptive Clothing and Managing Incontinence
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Adaptive Clothing and Managing Incontinence

In late 2020, Healthwick launched an adaptive clothing lineup in partnership with our sister company, Geri Fashions

Open Back Pants and Incontinence - Healthwick Canada
Adaptive clothing is beneficial for anyone who is limited or constricted by traditional clothing due to age, disability or general lack of mobility. Most often, adaptive clothing is used by caregivers to ensure a more comfortable changing experience. For those who are being looked after by a caregiver and are managing incontinence, certain types of adaptive clothing may be particularly helpful.


Open back pants, also known as seatless or bottomless pants, are a type of adaptive pants that are advantageous for those managing incontinence. As the name suggests, open back pants are cut out at the back but have modesty flaps to provide coverage for the wearer. They are fastened using silver snaps at the back waistline which also allow for some sizing adjustment. From the front, open back pants look and feel like traditional pants. 

Open Back Pants and Incontinence - Healthwick Canada

The unique design of these pants grants caregivers easy access to incontinence products for changing and can make using the toilet easier for the wearer and their caregiver. Caregivers also appreciate these adaptive pants because they allow an individual to be more easily changed in a sitting or lying position. This feature is especially useful for those in wheelchairs or who are bed-bound. 

Open back pants are available in a variety of colours and materials for men and women. Adaptive clothing carried by Healthwick and Geri Fashions is thoughtfully made from materials that are comfortable and allow for repeated cycles in industrial laundries.

Geri Fashions

To learn more about Open Back Pants and Adaptive Clothing, check out Geri Fashions’ Guide to Open Back Pants. You can shop Adaptive Clothing on our website or visit our sister company for a full selection of open back pants, dignity suits, open back tops, and more.

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