5 Adult Diapers You Can’t Get at Your Local Store
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5 Adult Diapers You Can’t Get at Your Local Store

Oops! You (or a loved one) have just started having some bladder leakage problems. Where do you go? If you’re like most Canadians, you’ll head to your local pharmacy.

Healthwick Canada

While it’s the first place most people start, many don’t know that most drugstores and pharmacies actually have a very limited selection when it comes to incontinence products.

For those who have high absorbency needs or require extended sizing, you may have noticed that products you’ve purchased from local stores are just not cutting it. The fact is that some of the best and most reliable products for managing incontinence are manufactured by specialty and niche brands that are not found in most retail outlets.

That’s where Healthwick.ca comes in. We are proud to offer Canada’s best selection of adult incontinence products in a variety of absorbencies, sizes, and materials from both national and specialty brands. Here’s a look at 5 highly-rated and reliable adult diapers that you won’t find at your local drugstore.

NorthShore AirSupreme Briefs

5 Adult Diapers You Can't Get at Your Local Store - Healthwick Canada

NorthShore Care Supply, founded in 2002 and based in Illinois, are known for their premium quality and highly-absorbent line of adult incontinence products. Since expanding into Canada with Healthwick in December 2020, NorthShore has quickly become a preferred selection for many shoppers.

These briefs from NorthShore are super absorbent while still being breathable, and are suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. These premium briefs feature airflow breathability that works to promote good skin health and control odours associated with incontinence. The combination of high absorbency, tall stand-up leak guards and extra-wide coverage makes this adult diaper a preferred choice for many Healthwick shoppers. The outer shell of this brief is made of a soft, cloth-like exterior and is rustle-free for added discretion.

Click here to shop all NorthShore Care products on Healthwick.ca.

Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Premium Briefs

5 Adult Diapers You Can't Get at Your Local Store - Healthwick Canada

Abena, a manufacturer of adult incontinence products based in Denmark, is known for their highly-absorbent, effective and comfortable products. Abena works closely with medical professionals to develop industry-leading specialty products, such as adult diapers, pull-up absorbent underwear, and incontinence pads.

In particular, these adult diapers from abena are perfect for moderate to heavy incontinence. They are designed to be effective in highly-demanding situations by offering outstanding leakage security. Featuring soft, breathable side panels combined with flexible tapes and a cloth-like backing, these adult diapers ensure that you are well protected even during physical activity.

Click here to shop all Abena products on Healthwick.ca.

TENA Super Briefs

Adult Diapers You Can't Get at Your Local Store

TENA is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of adult incontinence supplies, including adult diapers, absorbent underwear, pads, underpads and skin care products. Many TENA products are manufactured in Quebec, Canada. Their products can be found in most department stores and pharmacies. However, TENA’s catalogue is much more extensive than most realize and there are a lot of great TENA products that cannot be purchased in store.

TENA Super Briefs are ideal for those managing maximum incontinence and are in need of a product for overnight or extended wear. These briefs offer maximum absorbency, ensuring that the wearer remains dry and comfortable. The excellent leakage protection allows you to feel assured that you are protected day and night. All TENA products are Latex-free, hypoallergenic and scent-free, making these products a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Click here to shop all TENA products on Healthwick.ca.

Incontrol Inspire Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

5 Adult Diapers You Can't Get at Your Local Store - Healthwick Canada

Incontrol is known for their maximum absorbency, leak protection and sturdy plastic-backings. For many, Incontrol products are a go-to choice for peace of mind day and night. Incontrol is a Canadian company that operates out of Waterloo, Ontario and began as a small, family-run business. Incontinence products from Incontrol feature some of the highest ISO capacity ratings in the country.

These adult diapers from Incontrol feature an incredible absorbency range of up to 4992g (depending on the size). The incredible absorbency allows this product to be worn for 8-12 hours. The stronger, refastenable tapes allow for a better fit and the plastic-backing helps to prevent unwanted odours and leaks. The tall standing leak guards on this adult diaper helps to manage sudden and large volumes of liquid. Perfect for day or night use, this Incontrol product offers both maximum urinary or bowel incontinence protection.

Click here to shop all Incontrol products on Healthwick.ca.

Attends Premier Briefs

5 Adult Diapers You Can't Get at Your Local Store - Healthwick Canada

Attends is commonly known for their wide array of incontinence products at an economical price point. With everything from adult diapers, absorbent underwear, pads, and underpads, Attend’s product selection ensures there is something to meet every need. Attends is a popular brand among many hospitals and care facilities.

These briefs from Attends offer premium protection. They are designed for heavy to maximum urinary or bowel incontinence, offering maximum absorbency and leak protection. Attends uses some of the softest and most absorbent materials available to allow wearers to feel assured and comfortable, perfect for overnight or day use. The breathable structure of this adult diaper helps to promote good skin health.

Click here to shop all Attends products on Healthwick.ca.


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I also would like the answer to Stephens’s question. “Do you carry Trest Elite diapers” Please advise.

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To you carry Trest Diapers

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