Free Samples


save time and money

The average Canadian tries 5 different adult incontinence products before they find the one that suits their unique needs for absorbency, style, and size, spending over $175 on full packages that go to waste.

 With Healthwick's Free Sample Program, try up to 5 different samples  FREE!

Samples are individually packaged and sealed for sanitation and are the exact same product as sold in full packages. 

*Please note that regular shipping charges apply starting at $12. 


If you only want to try samples to start, just pay shipping and receive a free shipping coupon towards your next order over $50. 

To ensure that we have enough samples for all and to prevent abuse of the Free Sample Program, please note:

Limit of 1 free shipping coupon per customer. Coupon is non-transferrable. Minimum purchase of $50. Limit of 5 samples per order. Additional samples will be automatically removed without notice. Limit of 1 unique sample per customer. Duplicate samples will automatically be removed without notice. Limit of 3 sample orders per customer. Customers are allowed a maximum of 3 orders that include free samples.