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Managing Bedwetting at Sleepovers

Managing Bedwetting at Sleepovers 0

Let’s talk directly to all the kids who are managing nighttime incontinence or bedwetting, and who want to host or join in a sleepover with friends.Joining your friends for a sleepover or having one at your place is definitely fun but if you’re managing bedwetting, having or being part of a sleepover can sound really intimidating. What will your [...]
Top 3 Diapers for Bigger Kids

Top 3 Diapers for Bigger Kids 0

You’ve probably spoken to other Moms to see how they are conquering night wetting. Tired of hearing them tell you to stop fluids at 7:00pm, or make your child go to the toilet one last time before going to bed, or a number of other tricks you’ve tried a hundred times unsuccessfully? If your big kid wets the bed and [...]
3 Myths about Swimming and Incontinence

3 Myths about Swimming and Incontinence 0

To pee or not to pee... That is the question. It’s that time of year again. The weather is warm, the pools are open and our phones are ringing off the hook with inquiries for “swim diapers”. There’s a lot of confusion in the marketplace about how to manage continence issues and swimming, and how swim diapers work. Let’s [...]
Summer Camp Survival for Bedwetters

Summer Camp Survival for Bedwetters 0

Ten million children a year head to summer camps to meet new people, experience new things, challenge themselves and enjoy a change of scenery. However, children suffering from bedwetting (aka urinary incontinence at night, or nocturnal enuresis) often choose not to take part because they’re embarrassed. On the other hand, some parents may be too worried that their children will [...]
Help! What happens when my kid outgrows Pampers size 7?

Help! What happens when my kid outgrows Pampers size 7? 0

Talk to any parent of an older, special needs child and they can tell you about the panic they started feeling when they realized their child was about to outgrow baby diapers. It might have felt like it happened overnight - suddenly, the size 7 baby diaper (for 41 lbs+) are barely fitting around the waist [...]
"I wish I'd known then...."

"I wish I'd known then...." 0

Last week, we asked our customers to finish the sentence "I wish I'd known then..." and tell their story about what they've learned since managing incontinence. The responses have been amazing! A few comments that really stood out:"I wish I'd known then..... that there is such a range of sizes and products for youth. I have a special [...]
Healthwick Canada Introduces SoSecure Swim Diapers

Healthwick Canada Introduces SoSecure Swim Diapers 0

Newest products widen Healthwick's already-huge selection of adult incontinence products in Canada.Direct-to-home retailer Healthwick Canada welcomed a new line of swim diapers to their extensive offering of incontinence products this month. SoSecure by Discovery Trekking, a Canadian brand based out of Vancouver, provides a diaper-style solution for those looking for a waterproof and reusable product to assist with leisure activities [...]