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Staff Pick! - Lemon Aide Natural Cleaning Products

Staff Pick! - Lemon Aide Natural Cleaning Products 0

Our goal is and has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality and most relevant products. That goal is why we are constantly adding new products to our online lineup. With many of us working from home the past year and with an extra focus on keeping hands and surfaces clean [...]

Two Words: Compression Socks

Two Words: Compression Socks 0

I’m sure you’ve heard about compression socks before. But how much do you really know about them? Compression socks are often referred to as “gradient elastic stockings”, a term first coined in the [...]

What is Adaptive Clothing?

What is Adaptive Clothing? 0

Providing product selections that are relevant and helpful to our customers has always been our top priority. That's why we're pleased to announce the addition of Adaptive Clothing to our Healthwick website [...]
Tips for Incontinence Skin Care

Tips for Incontinence Skin Care 0

With the warm and humid summer months in Canada, many of our customers find that they start to experience new skin health issues, or existing ones get worse.The perineal area (think of the area that fits inside of your toilet seat when sitting down) is much more delicate than people think. The skin in this area is thin, sensitive, [...]
Face Masks - We're In This Together

Face Masks - We're In This Together 0

We’re all in this together.That’s the spirit that Canadians world-wide have taken to heart since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And we couldn’t be more proud of our customers and our communities for everything you’ve done to keep not only yourself but also your friends, family and neighbours safe and healthy.It’s also the reason why we’re carrying washable cloth [...]
Save Our Soles: The Compression Sock Revolution

Save Our Soles: The Compression Sock Revolution 0

It wasn’t long ago when you’d hear the words “compression socks” and think “boring,” “uncomfortable,” and perhaps even “matronly.” Nowadays, more and more people are opening themselves up to the relief that compression clothing can offer, and the industry has been responding with designs that are more comfortable and that are as stylish as they are effective. (The New [...]
The Creams of the Crop

The Creams of the Crop 0

One of the unpleasant and unfortunate side effects of incontinence is red, chapped skin, also known as dermatitis. The seal created by a well-made and properly working diaper can keep sweat and other liquids close to the body, causing this uncomfortable (and unwanted) result. If you or a loved one is dealing with incontinence, a high-quality cream should be [...]
Compressions Socks from Lunatik Athletiks

Compressions Socks from Lunatik Athletiks 0

Need your compression socks to make a fashion statement?Or are you looking for the medical benefits of compression hosiery but also want your personality to shine through?Have you checked out Healthwick’s latest selection of Lunatik Athletiks Compression socks? These Canadian designed socks come in bright colors and patterns to make you look fabulous!My doctor suggested [...]
BioFlex Laser User Review

BioFlex Laser User Review 0

Pain Pain go away. Do not come back another day!I have been suffering chronic foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis for over a year. If you have never suffered from plantar fasciitis, consider yourself lucky!Two months ago I was at my chiropractor for treatment of my plantar fasciitis and he mentioned that he had successfully [...]
It’s a Wash: Incontinence Washcloths and Wipes

It’s a Wash: Incontinence Washcloths and Wipes 0

Many people are familiar with “baby wipes” – those thin, premoistened washcloths used to clean the skin at diaper changes. Not much bigger than the moist towelettes you get at fast food restaurants, they do a basic job in cleaning up messes, but aren’t quite up to the task of cleaning an adult-sized person. That’s why we have adult washcloths [...]
NEW: Freedom Alert Rental Program

NEW: Freedom Alert Rental Program 0

Last spring, one of our customers contacted us in a predicament.She was about to go into the hospital for knee surgery that would have a long recovery period at home, when she’d have limited mobility and risk of complications. This lovely lady lived alone in a small apartment and her daughter lived out of town. So, it wasn’t an [...]
National Caregivers Day!

National Caregivers Day! 0

Did you know that more than half of Healthwick customers are caregivers, helping to care for a loved one or friend? Today, April 5th, 2016 we salute these compassionate and hardworking individuals, including:The daughter who is raising her own teenage children and caring for her elderly father with health issues.The husband who is caring for [...]