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5 Tips for Caregivers

5 Tips for Caregivers 0

Incontinence can be uncomfortable for patients. It can also be a significant stressor for the caregiver trying their best to prevent accidents and ...
Adaptive Clothing and Managing Incontinence

Adaptive Clothing and Managing Incontinence 0

In late 2020, Healthwick launched an adaptive clothing lineup in partnership with our sister company, Geri Fashions. s beneficial for anyone who is limited or constricted by traditional clothing due to age, disability or general lack of mobility. Most often, adaptive clothing is used by caregivers to ensure [...]
What is Adaptive Clothing?

What is Adaptive Clothing? 0

Providing product selections that are relevant and helpful to our customers has always been our top priority. That's why we're pleased to announce the addition of Adaptive Clothing to our Healthwick website [...]